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What Happened At the Postal Service Center during Anthrax Attacks? | Netflix

In 2001, after the devastating attack of 9/11, the country wasn’t starting to come out of the pain that the attack had brought upon and was sent another shockwave and this time, deadlier in the form of Anthrax Attacks.

These attacks happened in the form of Letters that contained Anthrax Spores and were sent to Media News Offices and Democratic Senator Offices. 5 People died because of these attacks and 17 people were infected.

The incident that happened at Brentwood Postal Service in Washington, DC where the Postal Service Employees were asked to work non-stop 24/7 for 10 straight days promising that there was no danger but then there were people in Hazmat suits checking the facility. This made the postal employees question the people in charge and then slowly after, they realized that they were infected and two of the employees also died because of that.

Those two employees were Thomas Morris & Joseph Curseen who had died because of Anthrax.

The Brentwood Postal Employees later filed a class action lawsuit against the Postal Service for endangering their lives and also alleged that the top officials knew that Anthrax was in their building when they were asked to work saying that its safe to work but it was dismissed and didn’t go to trial.



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