Pakka Commercial Review: A Decent One From Maruthi

Pakka Commercial Movie Budget Pakka Commercial Review: A Decent One From Maruthi Pakka Commercial USA Review - Live Updates | USA Premiere

PAKKA COMMERCIAL REVIEW: The much-anticipated film Pakka Commercial starring Tollywood’s macho Gopichand, hit the theatres today, July 1st, 2022. The film has been written and directed by Maruthi. However, without any delay let’s jump into the in-depth review of Pakka Commercial and I’m gonna let you know guys that you should spend your time and money on this or not.

In Pakka Commercial, the story narrates that Ramchand (Gopichand) who is a lawyer by profession and by nature is commercial. And then Jhansi (Raashi Khanna) came in his as an assistant. She was trying to assume the proper persona of a lawyer. Also, they both fell in love later. At a time, Gopichand must quarrel with his father, and to find the answer to why you gotta watch it.

Even though Pakka Commercial is a Maruthi film, this doesn’t feel like it. Because the atmosphere of the film doesn’t matches. He still did a great job putting comedy blend, action scenes, and so on.

After all, we all know the strength of Maruthi’s films, is his comedic work. The film begins well with sufficient character establishment. But as the conflicts appear as flat, you may feel boring while watching it. The first half of this film was all about Gopichand’s action style and Maruthi’s comedy style, which was quite gloomy yet boring, so the first half was average. The second half is also nothing different. What I can say is that the humor of this film works well.

The comedy feels forced sometimes. Positives in this film are some fight scenes and Gopi’s vibe. Negative are songs and lack comic timing. I barely remember whether i laughed or not while watching it. The climax was good and worked quite well.

Coming to the performances, Gopichand as Ramachand did well in his character, it’s been so long to see him in a full-length comedy one. Still, there are some scenes where he effortlessly pulled off comedy scenes. Raashi as Jhansi did well and her glamour could attract anyone well enough. Satya Raj was great in his role and excellent. Rao Ramesh’s comic timing was good enough, did his role well. Maruthi tried something different this time but it totally failed.

Recommendation? Hmm, If you’re a fan of Gopichand or Raashi Khanna then you can go for it. Overall, a decent one-time watchable film. I am going with 2.5 Out of 5 for the film, Watched it already? what’s your say about this film? let us know in the comments section below.


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