Netflix Movie The Sleepover Ending Explained: The Sleepover is one of the movies released recently and has been garnering a good audience. The movie is bound to take you to a nostalgia ride as it involves a lot of things that we looked up to when we were kids. The movie is an action-comedy were two kids come to know that their seeming homemaker mother is actually much more than that.

The movie involves a lot of humor and shows the relationship between the parents and their children before and after the movie, how they have changed. Let’s talk about the ending of the movie and if you haven’t seen the film, stay away from the article as there are major spoilers.


The movie revolves around two kids Clancy and Kevin who organize a sleepover with their friends. Everything seemed fun but when they realize that their parents have been kidnapped their lives take a huge turn. They learn that their mother used to work with a dangerous organization that has come back to take her for another task. Forever they thought that their mother was a strict parent who didn’t even let them use a smartphone but after learning the reason behind it they look her into a different light. But she is being forced to commit another crime and she has left enough clues for her children to find her.

What Happened To Margot?

The movie begins with the kidnapping of Margot and Ron by a bunch of people who seem to know Margot. It is shown that Margot is a Canadian and her real name is Mathilde. This shocks Ron and he thinks that there has been a mistake and she is not the person they want. But it is then revealed that Margot actually is the person they looking for. Years ago she used to work with some shady people who used to run an organization.

Her boss Jean-Paul was working for a crime syndicate and their main crimes were to make money from stolen artifacts. After doing several robberies, Margot eventually decided that this line is not good for her and she wants to start afresh. After discussing it with Leo – her partner in crime as well as her fiancee, they ratted their boss to the police and went into the witness protection and started a new life. Margot met Ron and fell in love with him.

But Leo as thought by Margot that he too went into witness protection didn’t actually go, he stayed after Jean Paul’s place got vacant and he himself filled the place by becoming the new boss for the robbers. After years they found out about a crown and Leo decided that they cannot go forward in the plan without Margot and thus he decided to kidnap her in the first place and asked his workers to bring her to him. Margot while being completely ignorant about the reality accepted for the heist.

Leo after “going” into the witness protection tried hard looking for Margot but he didn’t found anything on her. This is the reason why Margot was so protective of her identity and she didn’t go out much. She thought if the members of the syndicate found about her through any means then her family would be in danger and thus she didn’t give her daughter a smartphone because she was worried that her social media presence might attract some unwanted attention. But things didn’t go as planned because a video by Kevin went viral with over a million views which had Margot in it and it was seen by Leo and that’s how he got to know about her whereabouts.

Leo thought that Margot would be excited to see him and would be happy to go on another heist as back in the days but is upset to learn that she has left it all behind and is happy in her new life.


After a continuous follow-up of the clues that their mom left for them, Kevin and Clancy with the help of Lewis and Mim arrive at the gala where the crown is supposed to be . They after several arrangements get the chance to go into the main stage where Clancy diverts the attention of everyone by playing Cello and in the meantime Leo, Ron and Margot leave with the crown and from the security untill found the truth about Leo .

Margot stops and Leo frames her for the robbery and goes his way with the intent of making money with the loot. But with the help of the children and Ron, Margot and the others stop him half in his tracks. He is arrested by the police and sent to prison. Now, the kids realize how cool their parents really are and good things start to happen to everyone. Clancy convinced her parents for her music school and the family is reunited. They think that their life is finally back to normal.


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