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My Husband The Narcissist Movie Review

My Husband The Narcissist Review: Liftime’s latest mystery thriller film, “Secrets in the Marriage,” is based on true events and was written by Victoria Barabas, who succeeded in impressing the audience with her storytelling skills. The film was directed by Nigel Thomas, and it follows the story of a newly married couple, as seen in the film.

In this article, I will give you a proper review of this film, which will clear up any doubts that this film is worth the hype to watch, and I will also try to cover every aspect of this film, such as what type of viewer will enjoy it.

“Secrets in the Marriage,” tells the story of a lawyer who falls in love with a man she meets at a bar, Richard. After their relationship becomes intense, they plan their marriage, and we see that they have now relocated to a new area where they have a good relationship with their neighbor.

The story changes when Kat received a call from a woman who claimed that she is pregnant for 6 months with Richard and the story completely changes after that even more details about their relationship and the woman who claimed that she is pregnant will we have seen in this film.

Besides that, the story of this film drags sometimes and leaves the main plot of the story; the first half of this film is decent to watch as it reveals the details successfully, whereas, in the second half, they forget to cover the plot that they started in the first half.

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The music that runs between the scenes, on the other hand, is good but not perfect, whereas the screenplay is ok-ish and the camera work is decent, aside from the fact that the lead actor has done a decent job with their role, whereas the neighbor’s role feels cute but is overacted.

Rating: 2/5

The ending of this film is predictable and not so good, whereas it is a normal story that we have already seen in many films. Besides that those who didn’t have anything to watch then they may watch it otherwise you may skip it.



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