Warrior Nun Full Story And Ending Explained: Netflix’s recently released original drama has already made the headlines. While people are swooning over the show already and why shouldn’t they? The show is filled with every material which is required for a show to be hit nowadays. From stellar performances to the enjoyable storyline and good VFX the show has it all. But even if the show is enjoyable, the storyline is a bit confusing at times with a lot of twists and turns, so let’s dig into it.

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The show revolves around Ava, who was a paralyzed girl of about 19 living in a Catholic orphanage, she has died now and thus is taken into the morgue. Soon enough, a group of warrior nuns enters the room looking battered as if they have been in a fight. They carry their leader who is injured gravely to a stretcher and just before she dies the nuns remove a shiny Halo from her back and she dies immediately after it.

Now enters a group of men who are armed and are trying to kill them. In a desperate attempt to save the Halo, a nun plants it into the dead Ava’s body due to which she comes back to life. Now after pulling such an impossible stunt Ava is termed as “the chosen one”.
Ava is then taken into their wing by the warrior nuns and is being trained by them for what’s about to come.

Ava who is not interested reluctantly gives in. Now as it happens in every drama, Lilith, also a warrior nun, was destined to be the next in line to wield the hallo and be the leader but the opportunity went to Ava, so Lilith starts hating Ava. Also, a demon from hell named Tarask keeps coming from time to time to capture and take the Halo in his possession. Ava who doesn’t realize her responsibility tries to get away from all this only to find herself back at the initial point.

What was The Arq-Tech’s Purpose?

A parallel storyline includes a big organization named Arq Tech who is continuously trying to extract power from a rare element Divinium. Julian Salvius the owner of the company is the main reason behind it, she wants to harness the power of the element so that they can open a vortex to parallel worlds and a world where eternity is possible. This behavior is suspected by the church who tries to investigate the matter. They suspect that the company is using antique Christian artifacts to obtain Divinium their purpose is to open the portals to hell .

Julian eventually manages to open up the portals but is not able to keep it open for a long time. When asked by Ava she tells that her son is only alive today because of Divinium and thus she wants to go to a world where Divinium is in abundance so that she can take her son with her and go there to basically live forever.

What happens to Lilith?

When Ava starts to take things lightly and lives a carefree life with her boyfriend and her friends, Mary and Lilith start to look for her together but for different purposes. Mary wants Ava to return so that she can train up to her highest potential while Lilith feels betrayed and jealous of Ava and thus wants to kill her.

This causes continuous rifts between Mary and Lilith. Suddenly Tarask arrives and starts to battle, he wants to kill Ava but is not successful as Lilith sacrifices herself for Ava and disappears with Trask. Assumed dead by the nuns, Lilith returns from hell but she becomes a different personality of her own self, she has become evil. Even though she has some goodness left deep inside her but still, slowly she is turning into a monster.

Who killed Shannon?

One of the main mysteries of season 1 is the killing of the original leader of the warrior nuns at the beginning of the show. Throughout the show, Mary tries to find answers to the murder. She suspects that Father Duretti was the one who made the order because he feared the dominance of Shannon over the nuns and thought that it could ruin his chances of winning the next elections. Durutti wanted Lilith to be the next leader as she was fully under his control. Mary is not able to prove her tall theories until she discovers that there’s a secret alcove in Shannon’s bedroom.

Using her powers of passing through the wall, Ava retrieves a journal from Shannon’s room which reveals that there is a tomb at the bottom of Vatican city of Angel Adriel and his bones are buried there which holds the power to control the demons, Mary deduces that Duretti wants this power of controlling the demons so that he can unleash the demon into the world which will force the people to come to church.

But the bones are guarded by thick walls in the tomb and thus it becomes clear why he wanted to make Lilith the next Halo wielder so that she can pass through the walls and give her the bones.

In the ultimate episode, Ava and others reach the tomb and with her powers, she enters the wall and realizes that her true goal is to free the nuns from the effect of the Halo which has taken the lives of many. But as soon as she crosses the wall she sees that Adriel is actually alive. Cardinal Beatrice also tells that he doesn’t know anything about Shannon’s death and the bones, it is then when Adriel offers Ava his vision of his past memories.

We learn that Adriel was never the real holder of Halo and it was Areala who was the real holder of the Halo. We see that Adriel emerged from a hell portal along with other Tasks.

It is revealed that Adriel stole a Halo from an angel and planted it in Areala so that the Tarask wouldn’t find him. This concludes that Adriel never was an Angel and his tales of bravery that were previously recited to nuns were all manipulated by Father Vincent. We learn that it was Vincent’s plan all along and he Ordered Shannon’s killing and it was him who sent the nuns on the wrong path of freeing Adriel from his tomb. A fight breaks where the warrior nuns fight against Adriel and his army but just as the battle was about to finish the season ends.

What Happened to Michael?

Michael was Julian’s son. We see that in the last episode Michael disappears into a portal that suddenly opens up in the machine, referred to as “Ark”. We see that Michael continuously tells her mom that an angel visits him in his dreams who was none other than Adriel. He asks Michael to draw a machine through which he can access the portal to hell when father Vincent visits Adriel he tells him that the machine is ready and the machine is none other than the “Ark” created by Arq-Tech.

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