Monstrous K Drama Season 2? , Cast, Release Date & More – Watch It or Not

Monstrous K Drama Season 2?

Amazon Prime Video unveiled a new K-Drama in its catalog which is not new for K-Drama lovers because it aired in the April of 2022 on TVING titled “Monstrous”. Korean Dramas are usually romantic but we’re also seeing a lot of them focusing on Dark themes like Through The Darkness, Hometown, and Mouse.

There’s a new sheriff in town and he’s definitely working is what we can say about these dark and gritty series that TVING is putting out.

What is “Monstrous” about?

Monstrous tells a story about a couple in which the husband is an archaeologist and the wife is a language interpreter who loses their daughter to an accident which causes traction between them and now they live separately. In Jinyang county, a statue of Buddha is unearthed which is haunted by an evil spirit and after that, strange things start to happen in the village-like monster rain and unnatural hail. With the events happening all too soon after one another, the leader tries to save the town from the evil spirit.


Monstrous opened with some good reviews, the audience calling it dark and thrilling. The Drama, however being a mini-drama with just 6 episodes and with runtimes being 40 minutes, it covered almost everything and not one loose end. The Drama was hailed for its dark touch as well. It has gotten good ratings on MDL and AsianWiki.

Where Can I Watch it?

Monstrous has been released on AMAZON Prime Video today, i.e., 30th June 2022 in multiple languages, precisely Korean, English & Hindi. All 6 episodes have been released altogether.

Should You Watch it?

If you’re a fan of K-Dramas and want ancient mythology with a touch of religion and bad, evil spirit, then it’s the one for you. Monstrous does not disappoint in its cinematography and plot twists. It is a very good watch for someone who wants to watch a dark thriller K-Drama.

Season 2 Confirmed Or Not?

As of now, season 2 of the Show is not confirmed Yet.

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