The Roundup South Korean Movie Is Setting New Records

Recently released South Korean Film “The Roundup (2022)”, a sequel to “The Outlaws (2017)” has crossed some big accolades in South Korea surpassing 10 Million moviegoers achieving the number faster than the Oscar-Winning film “Parasite”.

The Film has taken first place at the Korean Box Office for the fourth consecutive week. Starring ” Son Seok-Koo” (My Liberation Notes & D.P) and “Ma Dong-Seok” (The Eternals & Train To Busan) and other talents the film is about a police officer that travels to Vietnam to extradite a suspect and discovers a murderer who has been targeting tourists for years. It begins 4 years after the first film was released in 2017.

The film has been distributed by EDKO Film who have also distributed some blockbusters like Finding Mr. Right & Soul Snatchers. South Korean Film Industry is well known for its good action thrillers and The Outlaws is no different here. It delivers a power-packed performance from the cast and the screenplay is very well written.

The film collected around 21 Million Dollars in its Opening weekend only and sold more than 3 Million tickets Worldwide.

The film is continuing its feat and the popularity and the demand for the film have made Amazon step up and release the first film in Korean, Hindi, Tamil & Telugu on 14th June 2022 followed by the sequel in the next few months in multiple languages. The film has garnered a very big response in a short time and you can catch it in the theatres near you.

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