Flex x cop Episode 5 and 6 Release Date: Disney presents a detective action crime thriller Korean drama called ‘Flex x Cop ‘with sixteen episodes. The drama is a package of action, comedy, and investigation. The story is about a rich man who got to work as a detective on a crime investigation unit due to unexpected circumstances, how he survives as a cop and a rich man is the rest of the story.

Flex x Cop is an investigation of Korean drama with an hour-long duration for each episode. As of now, a total of four episodes have been released by Disney. The South Korean drama premiered on January 26, 2024 through Disney all over the world. The show has sixteen episodes with nearly seventy Minutes of duration. Disney released two episodes per week as of now.

The last episode, which is the fourth episode, ended with a cliffhanger twist. The last episode discussed the murder of a famous painter in South Korea named Mr. Noh. He got murdered in a gallery ten hours of public appearance. Isoo and Kang Hyun investigated on brisk mode to find out who really killed him. So many suspicious things were found during the investigation.

Every person around Mr. Noh has their own secrets and motive to kill him. The investigation started with suspicion on his assistant Dojun , then it transferred to a woman with a bad past with Noh and then changed to Noh’s wife who took a two billion insurance claim on Mr Noh. Isoo purchased a spoiled painting, he found out the difference in signature over the layers. He caught Kwon Dojun for suspicious activities like purchasing Orange scarf which is shown in the cctv footage before the murder.

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The next episode will unveil more truth about the involvement of Dojun in Noh’s death. When Isoo caught him for suspicious reasons, Dojun attacked Isoo. Isoo got hit on the head from Dojun, and suddenly fallen to the floor. Isoo got dizzy after the attack. The reason behind Dojun’s attack is obvious he is the culprit. In the next episode preview, Isoo seen as normal and has been continuing his investigation of the murder.

More facts and proofs has been gathered, but somehow still they aren’t sure it’s Dojun alone who did all this. Another case also entered in their way, a serial killer who’s obsessed with killing old age people, Isoo and the team is going to investigate that case on the next episodes. The conclusion of who killed Noh will also be shown on the next episode.

‘Flex x cop’ season one, episodes 5th and 6th scheduled to be released next week. Disney will release the 5th episode on February 9th and the 6th episode will be released on February 10th. They planned to release two episodes per week until the finale.

‘Flex x cop’ all four episodes streaming through Disney in Korean audio with English subtitles.



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