Let’s Get Divorced Episode 9 : The episode starts with Yui and Taishi roaming near the beach, discussing their thoughts about each other. When they reach home, Yui asks him to talk to his mother, to which he agrees. They tell Mikochan about the divorce. She then calls everyone to discuss the future of the child. Yui and Taishi decide that the child should go with Yui.

Mikochan goes to Yui’s mother to say that she won’t be giving any more money from now on. Yui’s mother sends Mikochan back. Back home, she discusses with Yui how she met Taishi’s father. After bidding goodbye, she goes home.

After four months, Taishi meets Yui during delivery. She names her child Yogi.

Three years later, it’s election time again. Go Soda favors BSL and sells it to a private company, presenting his actions as love for Ehime. Saotome has taken a part-time job. Sakurako became the vice minister of the New Equity Office. Yui Kurosawa’s career is also reaching great heights. Kyoji has started an election blog. Mikochan often takes care of Yugi and then sends him back to Yui.

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Yui talks to her mom about whether she should give custody of Yugi to Mikochan or not. Taishi approaches Inden to discuss child custody and whether they should get back together or not. Inden accepts the marriage proposal from Henry. Sometimes, Yui, Taishi, and Yugi go on trips together.

Yui and Taishi sit at home, talking about why they got divorced and how much fun it was during the election. They also live stream for YUI CHANNEL once again. Taishi regrets turning in the divorce papers.

Taishi is seen campaigning for the election. Shingo starts working for Seyo Pharmaceuticals, the company that bought the BSL facility and tells Taishi about the money Soda receives every month from the company. Kyoji also learns about this secret and tells Shoji that Soda’s political career may be over after the news.

After the scandal breaks, Soda denies everything. He leaves the party and resigns from his seat. Mimata is also disappointed in Soda. During the election, Yui comes to support Shoji. Finally, Taishi wins the election. He is seen attacking the opposition in the House of Parliament. That ends the last episode of the series “Let’s Get Divorced.”

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Yui and Taishi are divorced, and their child stays with her mother. But she often leaves him with his grandmother, so he has learned words related to ‘Ehime’ and other political terms. Sometimes Taishi feels like getting back together with Yui, but she doesn’t seem very interested in the idea, and she may have found another man. Taishi wins the election after Go Soda resigns from his position due to a scandal.

Kyoji has changed his attitude from ‘Dead but alive’ and has started writing political blogs. Yui’s mother supports her and is fine with Yugi getting only his mother’s support. Their finances are handled by Yui after the Shoji family stops their financial help. After resigning, Go Soda starts selling bread on a truck. The ending seems happy, and no major loose ends are left for a second season.



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