Let’s Get Divorced Episode 7: Yui’s revelation puts the Shoji family in a tight spot. The party office starts calling everyone one by one to ask for votes and decrease the impact of the news. The Shoji family discusses how the news came out, and then Saotome reveals that one photographer took their picture and ran away, but three out of four cameramen were paid off.

He also mentions that Taishi didn’t have sex with Mimata on that day. Yui believes that Taishi wasn’t able to have sex with Mimata, so he did it with her the next day. This angers Yui. The tension is also increasing due to the discussion about copulation, which refers to sex because the Shoji family claims that if Kyoji and Yui didn’t copulate, it means there was no affair.

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The Party Head cancels his visit to Ehime with Taishi due to concerns about his image amidst all the fuss. Mimata is scheduled to have an emergency press conference, after which their campaign starts getting canceled, and disrespectful hashtags begin trending on Twitter.

Yui’s mother is also surrounded by media channels, and she speaks freely, which puts her in a bad position because she is the mother of seven children from different fathers. Yui calls Kyoji to calm herself down, but he hangs up the call.

Mimata starts criticizing the election office for allowing a sexual offender to stand in the election. However, Mineko comes up with the idea of getting a divorce instantly, and Inden supports her, believing it will make the public feel like they are winning by exerting political influence and refers to it as mass psychology 101.

Yui runs to Kyoji, who is already angry with her for telling everyone that he is impotent and for disclosing their relationship to the media. He expresses his feelings for the child, leaving Yui confused as to why he wants the child so desperately. She considers him just a regular person and rejects the sculpture he gave her to represent his feelings.

8 Days Left until Voting Day;

The Shoji family goes through the formalities for the divorce and the press conference. Taishi and Yui discuss their happy moments just before the press conference.

The press conference begins. They apologize for the trouble they caused to the people of Japan and bow for a longer time. Then everyone starts crying to gain sympathy votes. Yui delivers a perfect divorce speech, but Taishi interrupts, saying that she doesn’t need to say those things and that he doesn’t want a divorce from her. He speaks positively about her, and Yui follows his lead, making promises to stay together if they win the election. They resume their election campaign as Taishi and Taishi’s Wife.

7 Days Left until Voting Day;

The support numbers don’t rise. Taishi tells his family not to rely solely on Yui. Go Soda’s wife also campaigns with all her will. There is no crowd showing support for Taishi. However, Soda’s wife mentions being moved by the press conference.

6 Days Left until Voting Day;

The crowd starts to increase. Taishi takes on the role of a listener and starts listening to people’s problems. Yui appears busy with her shooting. Yui goes to Kyoji to inform him that she will be supporting Taishi, to which Kyoji shows his anger, expressing that he needs her. They both blame each other for changing. Kyoji states that he supports Taishi.

5 Days Left until Voting Day;

People are discussing how Taishi can win. Yui checks out of her hotel after completing the shooting for her show “Mikochan” and moves back in with Taishi to support him.

4 Days Left until Voting Day.

Taishi is seen saving a drowning man, and people film the incident.

3 Days Left until Voting Day.

The next day, the previous event has an effect, and support for Taishi rose to 46%. Taishi meets Mimata at the airport and apologizes for being rude and hurting her feelings.



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