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Let’s Get Divorced Episode 8 : Recap, Summary And Ending Explained

Let’s Get Divorced Episode 8: The Episode Starts with 2 Days left in the Voting, here we are with the Episode 8 Recap of the show. You can also check the Recap of Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3 Recap of the show.

2 Days Left until Voting Day.

Soda opens an “open forum.” The exit poll shows Soda at 50%, Shoji at 48%, and Red Shirt at 2%. The open forum begins. Soda attacks Taishi with accusations of BSL wasting taxpayers’ money and suggests discontinuing the project. However, using tactics, Taishi captures the crowd’s attention and highlights the positives of the facility. Soda attacks him again, this time focusing on gender inequality within Shoji’s Party.

Taishi responds confidently, stating that this is not what the public wants and that they have other priorities to focus on. The conversation is interrupted by a third candidate who hasn’t been much discussed in the story. He talks about the inconvenience to pilots in airplanes, and multiple questions from Soda force him to reveal his lack of concern for the locals, which backfires on Soda. Shoji is praised by everyone.

They start trending, and a comment from Kyoji becomes the main reason for their increased popularity.

1 Day Left until Voting Day.

Support for Taishi is very high. Yui joins him in rallying. Soda is also campaigning with full spirits. Kyoji asks God to let Taishi win. Shoji dances in the mall for all the shoppers and asks for their support.

Campaign Days End.

Voting Day Stats.

After the voting day, it is revealed that Taishi Shoji won the election. However, it was just a dream of Shoji in the afternoon. After the dream, Taishi and Yui discuss their happy life and express their desire to win. They become romantic but stop because Yui is pregnant. They are happy discussing the child. Taishi goes to the pachinko parlor to meet Kyoji and tells him to take care if they lose the election.

When the counting starts, different results come from different regions. In some places, Soda leads, while in others, it’s Taishi. Most of the seats are won by Go Soda, which worries Taishi and Yui. Even in Taishi’s home constituency, he loses, but by a very small margin. They feel very sad after that. Taishi gives a speech after the loss, apologizing to everyone and feeling embarrassed and unworthy, making it an emotional moment.

Soda and Taishi talk to each other on the phone, with Taishi congratulating Soda. As per their promise, they decide to submit a divorce application at City Hall and the Episode ends here.



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