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John Sends A Message To Brazilians: Last Week Tonight Season 9 Episode 23 Recap

Last Week Tonight Season 9 Episode 23 Recap: Last Week Tonight With John Oliver returned after a week’s delay to a story about Brazil that could very well affect the whole world and mostly Brazil itself, its liveliness, and the people’s future too. The Episode focused on different stories from the start like Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida’s recent publicity stunt of bringing immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard to other stories but the main story focused on the upcoming elections in Brazil.

Brazil has its presidential elections coming up soon and the current president i.e. Jair Bolsonaro is far from perfect and how he has led the country with his laws that no one asked for in the first place.

Laws regarding gun regulations that the country seems to be against, he has loosened the guidelines for that and the Episode also highlighted how he handled the COVID-19 pandemic as well and how in the upcoming elections, Bolsonaro is fully expecting a win even though he is 10% behind the opposing candidate and if he does not, he seems to be threatening and he very well has the military backup to do so along with very intense & passionate people of Brazil.

So, Brazil’s condition is very tense right now and it will get tenser in the upcoming days. John, send a message to the Brazilian People in two ways that they like, one in Portuguese and the other one to say it while playing with nun chucks. This is the message that John gave to the Brazilian people

“Hello, Brazil. I’m a samurai talk show host. I’m sorry for what you are going through at this time. Our thoughts will be with you in the upcoming weeks. Good Luck.”

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