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Intrusion Review Netflix: A One Time Watch

Intrusion Review Netflix: Some films come with a brilliant idea but the ending and the screenplay spoil it all and Netflix’s original intrusion is one such film, after watching the trailer, I was so excited for the film. I just finished the film and here is the detailed review of the Netflix original thriller film Intrusion.

The movie is approx 90 Minutes long and now available on Netflix in Hindi and English audio along with the subtitles. There is one small kissing scene in the film and the family is suitable to watch with family and Kids. The movie stars Freida Pinto and Logan-Marshall Green in the main lead roles, the film is created by Adam Salky. Let’s talk about the film in detail.

Meera and Henry are caring and loving couples and they just shifted to their dream house, everything was going fine until some unknown person enters the house in their absence. The same guy enters again in the house after 3-4 days and this time Henry shot one invader dead. When Meera tried to find out the reason behind these invasions, she comes to a shocking conclusion, what was that? and who are they? to know this you have to watch the full movie on Netflix.

Freida Pinto and Logan-Marshall are the main and only characters in the film, we had already seen Freida Pinto in some great films like Slumdog and Immortals. She was too good in the film, she was living her character and she looks fits into it. Her dialogue delivery was too good and it gives an authentic feel. Logan-Marshall Green was too good in the film and he looks unreal, his transformations were amazing and this is one of his best performances to date, his character will be in your mind for so long and you are going to love his performance for sure. The rest of the characters were decent in the film and everyone has done a good job.

The plot of the film looks predictable, the film almost failed to make suspense but it still keeps you engaged, in the middle, it feels like the film is dragging but the climax was a treat to watch, although films leave you with many answered questions, still it worth your time. The locations are amazing, the music is decent and the performance is the major reason to give it try.

I am going with 2.5 out of 5 stars for the film, Although there is nothing extraordinary in the film still deserves your time and it is a one-time watch. The movie is approx 90 Minutes long and you can watch it with family and friends on Netflix in Hindi and English audio.

This was our Intrusion Review, what are your opinions about the film?, Please let us know in the comment section, for more news and updates, stay tuned with us.


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