Crime stories India Detectives Review: Shocking Cases To Shook Your Mind

Crime stories India Detectives Review

Crime stories India Detectives Review Netflix: I am a huge fan of crime thriller genres and I love watching series based on real stories. I still remember when I used to watch Anup Soni a lot in the crime Patrol. Netflix has released a more detailed and authentic version of crime patrol in their new documentary series Crime Stories.

I just finished the series and here I am going to tell you about the review of the documentary series. There is a total of 4 episodes in the series and all episodes are approx 40-60 Minutes long, Series is suitable to watch with family but avoid watching it with kids as it has some disturbing scenes of brutal killings.

All 4 episodes have different stories and it shows the working of Bengaluru Police, the show will show how the police caught the suspects and how they find out the truth by going to any extent, You will get to know about some shocking cases that will shake your mind and you are not going to belive them easily. How police get the culprits and how they interrogate them, the series and episodes are all about that.

Now coming to the execution, Although the two cases are open and shut cases, still the creators tried to show the detailed version of it and it shows how police work hard to solve these cases. The story, characters, and episodes are fully real and it makes the documentary looks authentic. I liked the way creators tried to show the side of the victim and the culprit both. There is nothing like Drama and anything extra to spice up things, the episodes are fully real and plain.

I am going with 2.8 out of 5 stars for this Documentary series, If you like to read and watch these types of stories, You can have a look at the Netflix original Doc. Series. But if you are looking for something dram and some spicy moments stay away from it. The series is real and authentic. You can call it a detailed and authentic version of Crime Patrol. There are four episodes in the series and Documentary is available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, and Kannda audio.

This was all about the Crime stories India Detectives Review, what are your thoughts about the film?, Please let us know in the comment section, for more news, updates, and reviews, stay tuned with us.


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