Bell Bottom Hit Or Flop: It has been more than 20 days and bell-bottom has almost finished its run, here in the post we are going to talk about the Box office collection, total collections from OTT and box office combined, and total revenue made by Bell Bottom by adding its lifetime box office collections.

Before moving to the box office collections, let me remind you the Bello Bottom was made on the Budget of 50 Crores + Akshay Kumar’s Fees. Akshay Kumar is charging for films now on a revenue-sharing basis, he charged a huge some of 100 Cr. for the film. So the total landing cost of the film is around 60 cr. Excluding the Akshay Kumar’s fee.

Now coming to the box office collections, Till today, the film has made 30 Crores on the box office, the film will also get a UK Subsidy of 20 Crores if it runs in theatres for two weeks, the digital rights of the film were sold for 80 Crores, The music rights were sold for 8 Crores, The Sattelite Rights were sold for 40 Crores. So total revenue made by the film is 180 Crores. The film was made on the budget of 60 Crores + Akshay Kumar fees on Sharing basis. So the makers are in profit of 120 crores.

Overall the film is Hit in terms of total revenue, but if we calculate the Box Office revenue alone, the film is a disaster.

  • Name of the Film: Bell-Bottom
  • Release Date: 19th August. 2021
  • Cast: Akshay Kumar
  • Language: Hindi
  • Budget: 6o Crores + Akshay Kumar Fees
  • Total Revenue (Digital+ Music+ Box Office): 180 Crores*
  • Box Office Collections: 30 Crores
  • Movie Verdict: Hit
  • Box Office Verdict: Disaster

The movie gets extra 30 crores for 4 weeks digital release instead of regular 8 weeks releases and the film also got the subsidy of 20 Crores this was the only reason why the makers choose for cinema release first.

This was all about the Box office collections and Verdicts of Akshay Kumar’s Bell Bottom, drop your opinion in the comment section.


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