How Is Niragi Alive? Alice In Borderland Season 2 Explained ?: Alice In Borderland is officially back after a year-long wait, With Episodes of longer runtime than the previous season, we’re in for a treat since this time the players are competing for the face cards as we saw at the end of Season 1 which means that the games will be harder and the stakes, high.

Several characters have also returned that had died previously, as we thought and one of them is Niragi.

Who Is Niragi?

Niragi was one of the militants on the Beach, the Utopia being run by Hatter whose best friend Aguni was running the militants group and controlling all the militants as well who can go berserk at any time, Niragi being one of those unstable elements.

How Is He Alive?

Niragi in Season 1 is put on fire by Murakami but he survives that and starts to shoot everyone in sight but is stopped by Aguni who pushes him into the line of fire.

However, we see Niragi come back in Season 2 when Alice and his team members are going to switch the game of the King Of Clubs game which requires 5 players and Niragi becomes one of the participants in that game.

Niragi must have survived that Beach fire and somehow escaped. He was burnt by Murakami isn’t doing so well and is covered in bandages throughout and has his face covered. As much as he looks bad from the outside, he seems to be spitting out blood and he also knows that he doesn’t have much time to live.

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However, Niragi who seemed like he’s changed was as is when he tries to rape Usagi during the game when their team was losing and there was no hope left for them. Niragi lets his nature come to play and tries to rape Usagi but is stopped by Alice who knocks him unconscious.



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