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HIT The Second Case Review: Riveting Psychopathic Slasher Is A Big Thumbs Up

HIT The Second Case Review: In the age of Cinematic Universes, an underdog has emerged and that would be Dr. Sailesh Kolanu’s HIT short for Homicide Investigation Team, with each film focussing on a case and may include multiple cases that are interconnected in the other films, just like in The First Instalment, Vikram finds a body at the beginning of the film which has been connected with murder in the second case.

The cases have been designed very precisely and with great care, the first installment in the HIT Franchise did not disappoint and the second one however arrived late to the theatres because of COVID and lives up to the expectations of the audience.

HIT The Second Case takes place not in Hyderabad but in Visakhapatnam’s HIT where KD, an easygoing, arrogant but confident Police Officer who has a knack for solving cases pretty easily because of his investigative skills gets the taste of his own medicine when a serial killer of psychopathic nature starts killing women who work in Women Welfare. Starring Adivi Sesh, Meenakshi Chaudhary, and Suhas the film has officially been released in the theatres and is collecting love from the audience.

HIT The Second Case starts off with the backstory that the audience connects to and then moves to give us a glimpse of what KD works as and how he behaves with his colleagues as well. With a runtime of just a little over 120 minutes, the film does a great job in delivering a thrilling ride with some jump scares as well. For a slasher and Psychological Thriller fan, you might be surprised by some of the details that seem fresh and for that, the credit goes to the writer and director.

The film doesn’t bore you with unnecessary songs in between but only has one song in the beginning and then it’s all content and the storyline that does its magic. It also does a good job of keeping the viewers connected and on the edge which for a mystery thriller is a thumbs up.

The BGM works for the film, as well. What we usually need from a psychopathic thriller film on a serial killer is a motive that the audience feels opinionated with and somehow connects as well, and Dr. Sailesh Kolanu has done a commendable job in creating that for us.

Final Verdict: 3.5/5

“HIT The Second Case is riveting, with some great performances and a compelling plot making it another great addition to the franchise.”


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