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An Action Hero Review: A Messy Action Hero

An Action Hero Movie Review: Issues in a country reflect the mentality of the very people living inside and as long as there’s a country filled with people there are always going to be issued to be addressed. Thanks to Ayushmann Khurrana, the “Issues Addressor Of India” is back again this year with another flick that lets him venture more into the genre of action in “An Action Hero”.

Directed by Anirudh Iyer and starring Ayushmann & Jaideep Ahlawat into the lead roles, it tells the story of a screen action hero Maanav played by Ayushmann who finds himself on the run after a local minister’s younger brother Vicky is dead and now that local minister is after him, played by Jaideep.

Hell-bent on revenge, Bhoora follows Maanav to the UK where they engage in a cat-and-mouse chase with Bhoora executing anyone who comes in front of his revenge.

From the first glance and the trailer, it feels like An Action Hero is about that fame-blinded actor who has it all and after he commits a murder he’s on the run Bhoora is actually a good guy who wants to take revenge on Maanav but the movie is quite different from what we might imagine. In fact, it is actually a clash of egos.

Egos of the men in the film because that’s what you’ll see, men in the whole movie until there’s a song with Malaika Arora. Men who are trying to satisfy their egos and in the midst of that, Maanav is there who is on his own trip, a transition if you will, and finds himself in the oddest of situations with the oddest of people. Maanav who is an Action Hero on the screen finds himself doing everything an action hero would, in real life and he considers that his transition.

An Action Hero has another layer that is reflective of the world we live in compared to the whole film which feels like too much. The duality of the audience and the media has been shown in the film were in the name of TRP, we see the media going bonkers over the news that the nation’s favorite action hero has gone rogue after committing a murder, even before it is even proved that he has killed anyone.

The constant scenes of the media show us another view of the people who go from love to hate in just a matter of seconds and the opposite shift that happens in the climax of the film is worth noting as well.

In the end, if we come to judge An Action Hero on the basis of the content, collectively it’s a mess that has its elements just running around which comes to an unexpected over top conclusion but then again, the cinematography and the chase keep you interested but other than that, it’s a one-time watch.

Final Verdict: 2/5



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the cinematography and the chase keep you interested but other than that, it’s a one-time watch.An Action Hero Review: A Messy Action Hero