‘Gulcan’ In ‘Kubra’ Character Explained: Adapted from a novel by Afsin Kum with the same name, Netflix released their eighth episodic Turkish drama which tells the story of a normal man getting heroic worship from people as he gets message from an unknown entity through the Soultouch app. Series tells Gokhan’s change from a normal man to a god’s man character and story revolves around.

Gulcan is the sister of Gokhan. She lost her father, she thinks her father died because she didn’t help before he died. She is a drug addict. Gulcan is played by Turkish actress Ahsen Eroglu. She is very young in her age. Her roles are in teenage characters mostly. She got good appreciation in her first drama Kuzgun (2020). She lived as the character throughout the series. She acted in many movies and series and also got many award nominations at a young age. She is known for her acting in You Do You (2023) and Anne (2016).

Gulcan is a struggling girl with so many things happening on her life. Her mind is always depressed after the unexpected death of her father. Gulcan was a teenage girl when her father died in front of her. She blamed herself for the death of her father. Her innocent and honest nature made her believe that she is the sole reason for everything that happened in her family

Gulca got obsessed with drugs and cigarettes. She used Serhat as a companion for her drug-related activities. She used to watch old videos of her father along with her. The Depression stage of the mental state is next bigger every day. Every day she needed drugs or cigarettes to live. Her mother always fights with her for the usage of drugs and asks her to stop blaming herself for everything.

Gulcan used to remember her father through his things. She even tried to repair an old watch with her beloved dad. During the stage semavi revolution, Gulca found a purpose and stopped using drugs and cigarettes. Her brother and Kubra showed a better path in her life without drugs. She believed revolving around Gokhan

The slow changes of Gulca’s appearance and habits made their home a better and more peaceful place.  She stopped blaming herself for her father’s death. She got ideas to make the society a better place to live. She engaged on many social activities and assisted her brother on distributing donation materials. She were there with her brother when he needed support.

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That’s all about the character of Gulcan. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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