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“Goodnight Mommy” Trailer Out, Naomi Watts Is Terrifying In This Remake

“Goodnight Mommy” Trailer Out: Naomi Watts is known for the different roles that she pursues in her ventures and a recent venture is quite new for us to see her in, a Psychological Horror in which her face is in bandages the whole time, well almost all the time.

The trailer for the movie has dropped on YouTube and the cast only contains two characters, the first being Naomi Watts and the other one being Cameron Crovetti who is famous for his role in The Boys as Ryan.

The film is a remake of the cult Austrian Psychological Horror film released in 2015. The film focuses on a woman who is going under cosmetic facial surgery while a secluded lake-house away from the city.

Her identical sons come home to find her face in bandages and later start to find her strange behavior not until they find an old picture of her, do they find it suspicious that the woman is not their mother. And then starts the main thing, a Psychologically deranged battle between a maybe mother and sons and it turns ugly as seen in the trailer.

The film will be out on Amazon Prime on September 16th, 2022



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