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Dwight Manfredi Tulsa Real Story? | Tulsa King True Story? | Paramount

“Tulsa King” has released its first Episode on Paramount+ and is creating a whole lot of waves with a story about a mafia capo who was sentenced to prison for a fall he took for his boss and his son and when he’s back after 25 years, he isn’t welcomed as he wished for him to be and moreover, he’s sent to Tulsa, Oklahoma to set up a criminal organization for the mafia which he is not remotely interested in but then reluctantly accepts that offer.

The first episode of the series got us the same Stallone that we had watched in movies, the badassness oozing out of each scene and him acting like a boss giving us a great first episode to watch.

However, when you see the First Episode your mind wonders if this series is based on a real gangster or not because this type of thing happens in reality and well, maybe Stallone is really believable that it has to be a true story. Well, here’s what our research got us.

Officially, the series does not give any indications where it mirrors reality in any sense and also there’s no specific crime boss or a mafia capo named “Dwight The General Manfredi” that we could tie Stallone’s character with but there is one mobster named “Manfredi Mineo” who was a Brooklyn based mobster and headed a strong American Mafia crime family. However, he lived from 1880-1930 so he doesn’t fit under what we have for Dwight. So we conclude that Dwight Manfredi from Tulsa King is not based on a real person and this is only fictional.


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