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Tulsa King Episode 2 Release Date, What To Expect | Paramount

Tulsa King Episode 2 Release Date: “Tulsa King” has released its first Episode on Paramount+ and is creating a whole lot of waves with a story about a mafia capo who was sentenced to prison for a fall he took for his boss and his son and when he’s back after 25 years, he isn’t welcomed as he wished for him to be and moreover, he’s sent to Tulsa, Oklahoma to set up a criminal organization for the mafia which he is not remotely interested in but then reluctantly accepts that offer.

We see Dwight Manfredi coming to Tulsa in the first Episode and then starting his first client as “The Higher Plane”, a marijuana dispensary as he forcefully took them as a client and got 20 percent as his commission.

He also beat up the guard at the dispensary along with a car dealership owner and a random guy at the strip club so the first Episode had quite a lot to offer which just makes us want it all the more and the wait for the second Episode just got longer and we, a bit more impatient. Well, rest assured, we’ve got you covered with the release date and the plot for the second Episode.

The second episode is titled “Center of the Universe” and follows Dwight, Tyson, and Bodhi go on a road trip to take of some business. If we’re assuming what business that might be, it might have something to do with Bodhi’s supplier that Dwight and he talked about in the first Episode and Dwight forced on the idea that the marijuana supplier might be a front for a cartel and that might be a big risk.

Judging that the 40-acre farm is a couple of hours North of Tulsa, they might have a problem there so Dwight is taking Bodhi there to resolve that issue. On the other hand, we’re going to see Stacy, the woman Dwight slept with digging more into his past as the ending of the first Episode tells us that Stacy is from law enforcement and they have information about Dwight coming to Tulsa.

The Episode will be released on 20th November 2022 on Paramount+.



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