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Drishyam 2 Ending Explained: How Did Vijay Fool The Cops Again?

Drishyam 2 Ending Explained: Drishyam 2 is now released in the theatres which marks it to be yet another adaptation of the Malayalam sequel to the 2013 film that started a range of adaptations throughout the world because of its unique storyline and it’s being a family film.

Drishyam 2 is released in Hindi and targeted a whole lot of audience, more than its predecessors did, Malayalam and Telugu which didn’t have theatrical releases and were direct OTT releases on Amazon Prime Video, so the hype is real and the film has been very well-received throughout the world. If you’re curious about what happened in the sequel, you’re in the right place.

The Plot

The sequel starts takes place in Goa, the same place the events of the first part happened after the events of Sameer’s death who’s the son of I.G Meera and Mahesh, played by Tabu and Rajat Kapoor respectively. Seven years have passed and the search for the body has become less frequent with time. Meera, on the other hand, is unstoppable and still rageful stopping at nothing to find any evidence on Vijay Salgaonkar but her husband has accepted that nothing is going to bring his son back and what he really wants is just the body of his son so he could do the final rites.

Helplessly, he even visited Vijay once but the effort was in vain. Now the film starts and we see a new I.G Tarun Ahlawat played by Akshaye Khanna taking over the case who is a master at criminal psychology and he’s very carefully planted two police officers in disguise as Vijay’s neighbor among whom, the husband is a drunkard who beats his wife and that leaves an opening for the Salgaonkar family to warm up to them and help them as well.

Tarun knew that while Vijay stands strong with letting nothing out, the family is going to be a bit different, and getting the secret out of the other family members who are vulnerable right now is quite doable. One day, Nandini lets out the secret as she wasn’t able to keep it inside for so long and needed to talk to someone and that gives the Police the evidence that they needed against Vijay.

And there begins the battle between Vijay Salgaonkar & Tarun Ahlawat. Tarun’s drive was to regain the pride in being a policeman who upholds the law which Vijay keeps mocking given he’s just an illiterate middle-aged man and still the police can’t do anything. Vijay on the other hand is a family man and wants to protect his family.

How Did Vijay Fool The Police?

Well, there’s a little backstory to it. Vijay, after the events of the first part, he’s become successful in his field and now he owns a cinema as well which has been doing quite well that he can now produce a movie too. We’re shown constantly in the film that it was Vijay’s dream to produce a movie and he has ideas for the story but he doesn’t consider himself a great writer.

So, he meets a screenwriter Murad Ali played by Saurabh Shukla and after befriending him, he told him the story he brought Murad became interested in that idea and started to work on it. The story was similar to what we saw in Drishyam-1 but in the end, the protagonist meaning Vijay goes to jail for the crime. However, Vijay wasn’t satisfied with the ending so he wanted to make changes to it.

However, before making the changes, he made a couple of copies of the script and publishes it as a book. Now, the numbers in which it was published were really fewer so no one had really seen the book.

In order to understand the police procedures after a body is found, Vijay asks Murad to find that out so he would write a better climax for the story Murad was a well-known person in his field so he had connections, and finding the procedures wasn’t hard for him. Vijay, on the other hand, was preparing for the worst-case scenario and was way ahead.

Vijay knew that someday; Police might find the body and he needs to be prepared for that scenario so right after Sameer’s murder Vijay found a boy of the same age and injury so he met with his father. That boy’s father was very poor so Vijay befriended him and even gave him money for his daughter’s marriage.

Vijay, then asked for his dead son’s bones and the man agreed since he was under Vijay’s gratitude. So, Vijay was waiting for the moment when the Police would find the body in case either the Police found it by search or someone from his family gave it away.

Now, for the Police procedures after a body is found, the bones are sent to a lab where they’re tested for the DNA. Vijay befriended the security guard at the hospital and called him to drink the day when the bones were going to be delivered there.

Once the security guard dozes off, Vijay goes to the lab and replaces Sameer’s bones with the bones of the poor man’s son. Now, when the court receives that DNA report, it’s clearly mentioned that the body found is not of Sameer.

Adding to that, Vijay’s lawyer told the court showing Vijay’s book that he had published that Police have created a fake story around the book’s story since the events that happened in the book contains what happened to Vijay and his family. So, the court acquits Vijay of all charges and lets him go free.



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