It has been too long since it came to our understanding that Avatar, one of history’s most expensive movies at the time i.e., 2009 was so successful and James Cameroon had announced a sequel to it. However, the news of multiple sequels was recent news but a sequel was very much anticipated.

Now, as we come closer to the release of AVATAR: The Way Of Water, it’s been too long like 13 years since the release of Avatar, and Disney has taken the torch into their hands for that.

Avatar is will re-released in the theatres again since there is a very expensive follow-up waiting for us at the end of this year and just in case, we need to watch it again to remember what happened and what not, before the Infinity Saga and Game Of Thrones along with Breaking Bad took us over.

Disney is not just bringing the old movie back with the same texture, it will be back with improved sound effects and special effects.

Disney is playing this very strategically because they’ve invested $250 M into Avatar: The Way Of Water and they will try to monetize as much as they can from us but there’s a good thing as well. It feels nice to watch that movie that brought 3-D majorly to the whole world just because of the visionary James Cameroon and it was a visual treat.

Avatar will be re-released in the theatres on September 23, 2022.



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