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Shin Ultraman US Release Date Announced

Shin Ultraman US Release Date Announced: There’s no shortage of anime these days, we have multiple ones to choose from every season in a year but there are some OG ones that do not get old and their new adaptations are more amazing than ever.

Some anime is still ongoing like One Piece and Detective Conan, others are on hiatus but still continuing like Black Clover and Bleach but there’s one that is still being loved by all the anime fans, particularly the old generation because it was at the peak at that time and that is Ultraman.

Ultraman has been fan-favorite for a lot of reasons, driven by a great backstory Ultraman is Earth’s savior from evil and that is somewhat of a vague definition that does not do justice to his whole persona.

However, there’s a new Ultraman LIVE- Action film about to release in the US titled “Shin Ultraman” that is being directed by the same director that did “Shin Godzilla” in 2016, Shinji Higuchi. Shin Ultraman tells the story from the start. This is the 37th Ultraman film in the franchise.

The film was released in Japan on May 13, 2022, and it came on top to be the HIGHEST Grossing Japanese LIVE-Action film of 2022 with earnings of $30.9 Million.

The film is about to make its theatrical release in Malaysia on October 6, 2022. By the Production House, it is also announced that the film will be released in 37 Territories worldwide.



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