As we move closer to this year’s end, there are titles waiting for us that are not only going to be visually amazing but also the ones that we have been eagerly waiting to watch. There’s a Game Of Throne prequel, Lord of the Rings:

The Rings of Power Prequel an Avatar sequel. The Avatar Sequel has been one of the most awaited movies of recent years and just a mere look of the movie has given fans so much satisfaction and at the same time less patience for the year’s end.

Avatar: The Way Of Water is going to be followed by the Theatrical Re-Release of Avatar (2009) as per Disney. Disney is going to re-release the theatres with improved sound and special effects on September 23, 2022, so fans can relive that same memory of what they experienced in 2009. Now, this decision is being implemented in a rigorous fashion.

Avatar which was available to stream on Disney+ has been removed by the streaming platform ahead of the theatrical release of the movie in September For the USA users, The film is still available to watch in India.

Other than this, the movie is available to watch it on Amazon but you have to pay and it is not available in India, it seems to have been removed as well. In Canada as well. This is before the re-release of the film, the streaming services are removing it from their platform for it to be correctly watched in the theatres and have it monetized well.



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