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Dhokha Actress Name – Who Is Sanchi Sinha In Dhokha Round D Corner?

Dhokha Actress Name Sanchi Real Name?: You are landed here because you have just finished watching R Madhvan’s recent film Dhokha Round D Corner and you are in love with the actress, although the film was not that good for me, but the actress Playing the role of Sanchi surely gonna won the hearts of thousands.

The Character of Sanchi is Played by Kaushali Kumar, She is the sister of Bhushan Kumar the MD of T Series Film and who is also the Producer of the film, She is also the sister of Bollywood playback singer Tulsi Kumar, She is 33 Years old and She is known for the role in Video songs like Manu Ishq Da Lageya Rog, and Mera Highway Star.

This is her first film in Bollywood and she will be seen in upcoming films like ‘Daal Cheeni’, ‘Dhedh Bigha Zameen’ and Ghudchadhi which are slated for release in 2022 and 2023.

This was all about the Dhokha Actress name, did you like her performance? what do you think?, Please let us know in the comments.



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