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Luckiest Girl Alive Ending Explained | Netflix | Why Ani Cancel Her Wedding?

Luckiest Girl Alive Ending Explained: Netflix has released its newest film titled “Luckiest Girl Alive” based on the eponymous novel by Jessica Knoll starring Mila Kunis, Finn Wittrock, Scoot McNairy, Thomas Barbusca, Jennifer Beals, and Connie Britton.

Directed by Mike Barker, the film is about a writer whose seemingly perfect life starts to unravel when a true-crime documentary forces her to confront her high school days and her involvement in mass killings.

The film begins with Ani played by Mila Kunis who’s preparing for her wedding with her fiancé Luke but then we’ve witnessed visions of blood whenever she comes across a knife. It isn’t until late that a documentarian named Aaron meets her about his new Project that revolves around Brently School she went to as a teenager and the Mass Killings that happened at that time.

The reason why Aaron had reached out to Ani was that Dean, her former schoolmate, and survivor of the shooting is accusing her of being involved in the killings.

Upon meeting her high school teacher Mr. Larson, she thinks about how she was raped by three guys, out of which was Dean. She agrees to take part in the documentary but asks that she wants to focus on the gang r@pe and uncover what lies Dean has been telling about her and what he has accused her of, which is simply not true. When she returns to her former school, she recollects how Ben who was bullied by Dean & his group committed the mass killings, especially focusing on Liam & his friend who had raped Ani along with Dean. Scared Ani, when hides in the locker, Ben nods at her which makes everyone else suspect her involvement.

Arthur then gives the gun to Ani to shoot down Dean but when she’s unable to do so, he shoots him in the leg making him wheelchair bounded and then Ani kills Arthur out of fear.

After recollecting her traumatic past, Ani realizes that she had been trying to suppress this feeling with everything else and that her traumatic visions were the sign that she needed to heal. So, for her personal redemption, she writes an essay in The New York Times exposing Dean of his crimes and she’s heard by people who come forth in her support.

Towards the end, Ani has her marriage with Luke pending but they break up. Ani had been trying to fill her issues with success and she has had success until now but now she realizes that if she is to make peace with herself and her past, she needs to do that alone because being with Luke throughout their relationship, she had been releasing her anger towards him when it was towards the rapists and that she had now started to resent Luke and she realizes that she can’t continue the relationship.

Other reasons were at play too like Luke’s inability to sympathize with her condition she came out saying that she had been raped but instead sympathized with the rapists stating that they had done a mistake and they have paid for it. Throughout, Luke’s inability to give comfort or support to Ani in troubled times made her sure that she didn’t want to be with him.



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