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Call Of The Night Episode 8 Release Date

Call Of The Night Episode 8 Release Date: LIDENFILMS’ “Call Of The Night” also known as Yofukashi no Uta has gotten interesting with their newest episode, not forgetting that it was already super interesting and kept our attention with the adventures of the duo with surprise visits from new characters.

However, the recent Episode focussed on the vampire world that we needed to see because if Nanakusa is the vampire we see means there are other vampires out there and we saw that in Episode 7.

The Episode featured a panel of vampires who tried on their tactics to woo Yamori so he will agree to be one of their offspring so they do not need to kill him because he knows about the existence of vampires when Nanakusa is fighting one who tried to suck his blood. This Episode was funny as well because there were revelations made by Yamori that were surprising for the vampires and that was funny to watch.

The next Episode will feature the cliff-hanger that Episode 7 ended on probably telling us what is the time limit in which Yamori needs to be a vampire in, that’s what we think. The next episode will air on Thursday, 25th August 2022. The Episode will air on Fuji-TV in Japan and will be available to stream online on HIDIVE.



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