In the age of Reboots, here we are with another one by 20th Century Fox who have decided to reboot “Planet Of The Apes” after the groundbreaking success of the previous trilogy. The new trilogy will be directed by Wes Ball who is famous for directing The Maze Runner Trilogy.

Reportedly, he has been working on the script since 2019 and with the effects he has come up with, being a VFX artist as well, it is going to be a big-budget movie. This is certain that it is going to be a trilogy as well, with more focus on the VFX. The first part of the movie is going to be titled “Kingdom of the Planet Of The Apes” and the release dates are still unknown.

This Project was under wraps from 2019 while Wes was working on the script and now casting has been started for the film.

The casting for the film has officially started and the lead role has gone to Owen Teague who is famous for his role in IT (2017) and Montana Story (2021). There’s no other news about whether other castings have been done or not. As soon as there are any updates, we’ll let you know.



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