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Dear David Movie Review: Dear David is an Indonesian movie that was released on 9th Feb 2023. Dear David is a story about Laras who likes David and she wrote a p**rnographic story about him and one day it got leaked and then what happens is the rest of the story.

Dear David got a simple story but the director Lucky Kuswandi made it very special so that in the end you will like each and every character in this movie. The story was ok but the screenplay is just great. The way they showed the character’s background story and the past is on point.

Talking about characters the main lead Laras played by Shenina Cinnamon is great in the whole movie and chemistry between Laras and Dilla is also the key point of the movie. Although Laras is in love with David I really wanted Laras and Dilla to be together. I mean as an audience from the start you feel that what Dilla has towards Laras is more than friendship. And if Netflix and its creators are ready I am very much excited to see a movie on Laras and Dilla.

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When David gets to know that the stories about him were written by Laras he does get angry for some time but he understands and gets ahead. And also at the end when things between David and Dilla don’t work out that also showed that David never loved her, he just had a crush on her but in the end, those two got their loved ones.

Instead of Laras Dilla’s character was also a well-written one. Because when she gets to know that the people in school calling her slut is all because of her best friend and in the end, she forgives Laras and how cannot she always loved her.

The performances are great but also the cinematography is also great the way they showed the school and the character tension and how one can forget about that beach sequence in that sequence the music was also great.

ReviewSomebody I Used to Know Review

In the end, when Laras speak for herself and told everyone the truth about their school she did lose the school but not her self-respect.

I will recommend this movie if you like watching teenage love stories with a little bit of comedy and emotions.

Dear David Rating: 3/5



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