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Asur Season 1 Recap & Summary: Asur is the first show that gained great appreciation from audiences and critics. The first season was released in March 2020. It’s been more than 3 and a half years. Now, Season 2 is finally going to stream on 1st June 2023. Good things are worth the wait. Let’s see how this season goes. We’ll also post our review for sure. This season is going to stream on a weekly basis, with one episode arriving daily.

For our fellow readers, we’re going to give you a recap of Asur Season 1. Many of you don’t have straight 7-8 hours to watch season 1 again, so we have a recap for you.

The reason behind the success of Asur Season 1 is that it is a unique show that has given us spine-chilling moments. It is one of the greatest Indian shows ever made in history. We salute the makers for creating this masterpiece. This is an edge-of-your-seat thriller series. Another reason is that the show streamed at the time of the Covid-19 lockdown, and because of that, it also gained a great response.

Let’s start with the recap;

The series starts with Nikhil Nair, played by Barun Sobti. He’s teaching the students about criminals. One student asked him why he left CBI. Nikhil said, “That’s none of your business.” Nikhil left CBI and he left India and started a new life in the US with his wife Naina, played by Anupriya Goenka, and their daughter Riya. Nikhil and DJ worked together in CBI.

In the first episode, we see that a killer entered Dhananjay’s house and brutally killed DJ’s wife, Sandhya. He put her face into the microwave oven and burst her face onto the kitchen floor. At that scene, audiences started gaining so much interest because these types of killings are very rare in Indian shows. After killing her, he gave the body of Sandhya to stray dogs. In the show, the killer wasn’t revealed. We just see the mask, which is related to Hindu mythology.

Before the intro of the first episode, we see that one kid (Shubh) killed his own father by spoiling the water which his father drank. His father suddenly died of cardiac arrest, and that kid goes to an Aghori Baba and he cuts off one of his fingers. The show is very brutal, and this is the first-ever show based on Hindu mythology.

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On the other side, CBI started the investigation. The killer had tied the dead body like a scarecrow in the middle of the village. No one knows that this body belongs to Sandhya. The autopsy was performed by Nusrat, played by Ridhi Dogra, and DJ himself. Nikhil was living happily in the US, but he was receiving unknown coordinates again and again. While living in the US, he was helping CBI and India by forwarding all those coordinates to Lolorak Dubey, played by Sharib Hashmi. Again and again, Nikhil was receiving coordinates of the places where murders were taking place.

DJ thought his wife was still not back in town because he was chatting with her, but DJ didn’t know that he was talking to the killer. The next day, DJ returns to his house and sees that there is a parcel for him by the name of Sandhya Rajpoot. He opened it and played the pen drive. In that, the killer left a video showing how he killed Sandhya. This made DJ extremely angry, and everyone from CBI arrives at DJ’s house to see more. DJ was crying because of this. He was not in his senses. There is an unforgettable dialogue of the series “Ye Game Bahut Lamba Jaayega” Still remembered by Viewers.

Nikhil was still receiving emails from Shashank Awasti regarding joining CBI again because Nikhil is one of the smartest brains CBI has ever had. At the same moment, another murder took place in Nagaland due to a drug overdose. He was a serial killer, and the same mask was found at the murder scene. Nusrat went to Nagaland to gather more information about the incident and started investigating the crime scene.

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We come to know more about Shubh’s past, that he was a quick learner since his childhood. His father used to call him “Asur,” “Demon,” and many more words like this. His father believed that Shubh’s birth was the reason why his mother died.

Nikhil was receiving back-to-back coordinates of victims. He received the coordinates of the Nagaland crime as well. One day, Nikhil wasn’t able to stay there because he loves working for CBI. He went to Naina and told her everything, asking for permission to return to India to solve those cases. Nikhil returned to India and started solving the case of Sandhya Rajpoot. He wanted to catch the serial killer.

During the autopsy of Sandhya, Nusrat discovered that Sandhya had an abortion, and DJ knew about Sandhya’s extramarital affair. CBI arrested DJ because every piece of evidence pointed towards him, and DJ was sent to jail. Nikhil was outside, searching for the serial killer.

From inside the jail, DJ called him and revealed that it was a trap. Everything was planned by the killer. DJ’s arrest, Nikhil’s return to India, and more—it was all part of the killer’s plan. At the same time, Nikhil got kidnapped. There was a person sleeping in the coffin, and ninja stars came out, causing everyone to lose consciousness and fall to the ground. The kidnapper took advantage of the situation and kidnapped Nikhil.

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Then, we witness a scene from 10 years ago when DJ had gone to Varanasi, and his ritual was performed by Shubh, the kid who killed his own father. DJ confronted Shubh and asked if he felt any guilt for killing his father. DJ wanted Shubh behind bars and fabricated evidence to achieve that. After 10 years, DJ believes that Shubh is back to kill him.

While DJ was arrested, one person was tracking DJ, and that person was also a serial killer. There are 3 killers in the story: Rasul Shaikh, who works for CBI and is unknown to the others, the person tracking DJ’s every activity and later kidnapping Nikhil, and Kesar Bharadwaj, played by Gaurav Arora. We’ll talk about them later.

Now, let’s focus on Nikhil’s kidnapping. The person who kidnapped Nikhil wanted help in committing murders in a scientific way. Nikhil completely rejected him, but the killer started blackmailing him by showing pictures of his daughter and wife, Naina. Nikhil agreed to help him and successfully executed 2-3 murders with his assistance.

DJ discovers that these types of murders can only be done by Nikhil, so he starts searching for him again. Nikhil was locked in a secret chamber, feeling very suffocated. The same kidnapper went to jail to kill DJ, but DJ successfully escaped and killed the kidnapper instead. Until the end of the show, no one knows who the real Shubh Joshi is.

When Shubh was in jail, he was a child. But because of DJ’s fabricated proof, he wasn’t considered a juvenile. Still, he managed to live there and started giving mythology lessons. Many criminals used to listen to his sessions. It was there that he encountered Kesar, Rasul, and the kidnapper. No one knew who Rasul really was among them.

While driving the car, DJ used to listen to Kesar Bharadwaj because he liked his sessions and knowledge. After kidnapping Nikhil, the kidnapper also kidnapped Neeraj Jadhav, the Dalit chairman, and a female journalist. He locked them inside a chamber to prove that everyone has their own dark sides. The killer wanted to demonstrate that everyone has a dark side. DJ meets Kesar inside the jail and learns about his story. DJ also gets into a fight in jail. After that, DJ is released from jail and starts searching for Nikhil.

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At the same time, Lolark and Rasul were together in the search for Nikhil. Lolark starts getting suspicious about Rasul. Accidentally, a drawing book falls from Rasul’s bag, and it contains numerous sketches of demons. Lolark witnesses everything and Rasul ties him to a chair. Meanwhile, DJ starts interrogating Kesar and believes that Kesar is Shubh. Lolark believes Asur is Shubh.

The kidnapper was killed by DJ in jail, and now only Kesar and Rasul remain as suspects. Kesar gives DJ pills and says he will answer questions only after taking them. After the first pill, Kesar tells DJ about the location of the VNS Chemical Factory. After the second pill, he reveals the plan that the chairman and journalist are in C Wing Chamber 8. The third pill proves that DJ also has a dark side and won’t compromise his life for others. At the same moment, Rasul asks Nikhil whom he wants, Riya or the journalist and chairman.

Unfortunately, Riya gets poisoned by the babysitter, who was part of Shubh’s plan. This breaks Nikhil down, but he manages to release the captured people. The journalist shoots the chairman with a police gun, making Shubh more successful. Nikhil is completely broken after Riya’s death. Lolark is the only person who knows the true side of Rasul, but Rasul kills Lolark, leaving the audience emotional.

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Nikhil blames DJ for everything that happened. The finale episode ends with a staring scene between Rasul and DJ. In one episode, DJ says, “Uski aankhein mai aaj bhi bhool nahi paaya” (I still remember her eyes). But Lolark is no more, and DJ starts believing that Rasul is still working for CBI as a hacker.



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