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Adipurush Day 19 Collection | Daywise Worldwide Box Office

Adipurush Day 19 Collection: Adipurush will be considered the biggest flop of Prabha’s career. In fact, the movie has been leaked on many torrent sites in high-definition quality. The theatrical run has almost ended in major cities.

It looks like the movie will be completely out of theaters very soon. No one wants to watch this type of trash on big screens. Satyaprem Ki Katha is receiving an excellent response, and many shows have been replaced with Satyaprem Ki Katha, which were allotted to Adipurush before.

Here goes the day-wise box office collection report:

Day 1 – 86 crores
Day 2 – 65 crores
Day 3 – 69 crores
Day 4 – 32 crores
Day 5 – 29 crores
Day 6 – 20 crores
Day 7 – 18 crores

Day 8 – 22 crores
Day 9 – 4 crores
Day 10 – 7.20 crores
Day 11 – 2.10 crores
Day 12 – 1.80 crores
Day 13 – 1.50 crores
Day 14 – 1.25 crores

Day 15 – 90 lakhs
Day 16 – 1 crore
Day 17 – 1.10 Crores
Day 18 – 60 Lakhs
Day 19 – 30 Lakhs

Total Box Office Collection: 286 Crores*

Worldwide Box Office:

Adipurush has been removed from many theaters, and audiences still regret why they watched this movie on big screens and why they wasted their money on this trash. Om Raut is still not replying to anyone; he’s hidden someplace.

Everyone learned one thing from Adipurush: don’t ever try to make a modern-day Ramayana. Many writers gave this idea before Adipurush too. Every creator learned from Adipurush.



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