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You People Ending Explained: Do Ezra And Amira Get Married?

You People Ending Explained: Netflix’s “You People”, an American comedy film has recently been released on the platform it stars Jonah Hill along with an ensemble cast of Eddie Murphy, Lauren London along with other actors.

The film has been co-written by Jonah and has been directed by Kenya Barris. You, People, is a similar story that we’ve seen quite some times but it offers something fresh and new and that’s a romantic comedy camouflaged with racial differences which resonate with the current times.

However, if you’re interested if the couple getting swayed away by their differences, you’re at the right place.

You People Ending Explained

Ezra is a 35-year-old American Jewish guy who works as a Broker but his heart lies in podcasting about the culture with his best-friend Mo. He keeps contemplating if he’s going to meet the woman of his dreams someday or not but then he meets Amira, a Black Girl who’s he hits it off instantly, and the two start to date. However, when they decide to get married and meet each other’s families, the real problem starts. Their families are two poles apart and the two totally unaware of their cultures. Amira meets Ezra’s family and Ezra meets Amira’s and the first meeting doesn’t go well and well that just keeps on happening every time they meet.

The cultural differences and the less knowledge of Ezra’s mother towards Amira keep getting her into situations that are red flags for Black People on the other hand, Amira’s father Akbar has been hating Ezra from day one and keeps taking him to Black neighborhoods to embarrass him.

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The two try to keep it together until the rehearsal dinner when Akbar makes a heartfelt speech but when they’re alone, he admits to him that he doesn’t think he’s the right person for his daughter and Ezra just snaps. Amira on the other hand also snaps at Eza’s mother and the two decide it’s better to call off the wedding.

Now, after three months Ezra has been doing his podcast and has been getting successful in it. He has been doing a podcast about the culture where he mentions that the gap between Black and White people is so much that it will never be bridged and it’s bothering him because he thought it was possible for that gap to be bridged.

Akbar’s brother tells him about the harsh treatment he gave Ezra and he realizes his mistake and calls Ezra’s mother the two decide that they are the ones that need to work together and meet in the middle.

In the end, the two parents arrange to meet them and apologize to Ezra and Amira for their mistreatment towards them and take them to a scheduled wedding for them and the two get married.



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