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You People Review: Jonah Hill And Eddie Murphy Drive This Camouflaged Story Forward

You People Review: Netflix’s “You People”, an American comedy film has recently been released on the platform it stars Jonah Hill along with an ensemble cast of Eddie Murphy, Lauren London along with other actors. The film has been co-written by Jonah and has been directed by Kenya Barris.

It tells the story of a Jewish American Ezra who falls in love with a Black-American Girl Amira and how the two want to get married but the racial difference and the intense atmosphere in the country don’t make it easier for them. How the two deal with that and the difference in culture in their families is what the film is about. Here’s the review of the film

You, People, is about a Jewish American Ezra played by Jonah, and an American Black Lady Amira. Ezra is now 35 and has been contemplating if he’s ever going to meet the love of his life then he meets Amira and the two hit it off. Now, after the two decide to marry each other there comes the time to meet each other’s family and the two families are poles apart with their cultural differences and their less knowledge about the other one.

Akbar, Amira’s father doesn’t help with his constant judging and taking Ezra to places where he’d be culturally inappropriate whereas Ezra’s mother treats Amira like a toy that she keeps flaunting around with her friends. How the couple comes across this indifference is what the film is about.

Well, You People, if you look at it closely and remove the cultural camouflage from it, it’s the same old story of a couple who wants to get married, and their family’s indifferences stop them from it. But what makes You People special is the cultural exchange it’s able to bring with it. Incorporating different cultures in a movie such as Black and Jewish Culture already asks for treading lightly since the waters are deep but it doesn’t feel offended at all and that’s the beauty of it.

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You People, make yourself heard and convey the message properly. Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill have done their roles nicely. Especially Eddie Murphy comes across shining as an overprotective and judgemental father that keeps bringing Ezra down.

Final Verdict: 2.5/5

“You People at its core doesn’t offer anything special but it is camouflaged beautifully and the racial difference factor is something to look out for.” The film is available on Netflix.



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