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Why Did Mjolnir Did Not Come Back To THOR In LOVE & THUNDER?

THOR: LOVE & THUNDER is not winning a lot of hearts because of high expectations that were not met and are currently somewhat hot & cold in fans like-o-meter. Taika Waititi has managed to keep his image intact by recreating the magic he did with Ragnarok and it still works but with not-so-consistent performances by MARVEL Films recently, fans were hoping for an awesome back to his old track after the events of Endgame.

However, the movie was filled with some good moments and one of them was Mjolnir coming back and moreover, Jane Foster (Thor’s ex-girlfriend) wielding it. So the question arises what exactly happened that she ended up wielding Mjolnir that was broken to pieces by Hela in Ragnarok??

Now, the story starts after Ragnarok when Mjolnir was broken to pieces and Asgard was destroyed. Asgardians have made that exact place where Mjolnir was destroyed as a place to recreate that magic about their gods, mainly Odin, Thor & Loki with one appearance from fake Hela. On the other hand, we’re shown Jane Foster who becomes a famous scientist but is battling Stage 4 cancer and has less than a year to live.

She learns from a book that Mjolnir gives strength and longevity to the wielder and goes to Asgard and what happens that Mjolnir gets back to life after seeing Jane Foster because Thor had asked Mjolnir this one time to always look after Jane so after seeing her, Mjolnir comes back to life and Jane becomes the wielder and also ends up becoming THOR, well THORESS!

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