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What Wong Was Watching In She Hulk Episode 4?

What Wong Was Watching In She-Hulk Episode 4?: Disney+ has released Episode 4 of She-Hulk Attorney At Law and the Episode was just okay, not more, not less but Wong’s side story and a budding relationship with a drunk girl is wholesome and somehow that was more interesting than the whole show put together.

But what’s more interesting is to see the Sorcerer Supreme Watching American TV Shows. These are the shows that Wong was watching in Episode 4.

The Sopranos

TV Buffs would know what this show is because this is one of the most famous shows about the Italian Mafia. It is about an Italian-American who is a Mafia Head struggling to find a balance between his personal issues with his family and at the same time running the Mafia Gang as well.

The Mafia Head seems to be going to a therapist and confiding in her. The Sopranos is one of the highest-rated TV Shows ever with amazing writing and casting. Wong was watching The Sopranos specifically S05E12 titled “Long Term Parking” when Madisynn arrived from a portal into his house.

This Is Us

One of the most wholesome shows ever made, it tells the story of a family and how its three children find their way through life, love, and their own struggles. How they understand life and take the lemons life throws at them and make lemonade out of that, is what this show is about.

In the POST Credit Scene of Episode 4, Wong & Madisynn seem to be watching S04E10 titled “Light and Shadows” which is where Rebecca comes to Jack’s workplace to find him after Jack met with his father and his father makes him feel small and that “He will never be enough for her”. The Episode is special because Rebecca tells Jack that “Their life together will be one for the ages.” and it was, the show was beautiful.

If you haven’t watched these shows, you might want to watch them, they’re amazing in every way.


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