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Who Is Donny Blaze in She Hulk? – Ghost Rider In “She Hulk Episode 4

Disney+ has released the 4th Episode of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law and that Episode has a couple of Easter Eggs for people who have been into MARVEL right from the start. This Episode featured an amateur magician and also a performer called Donny Blaze who was a student at the Kamar-Taj but was banned after he used the Magic for his own personal uses, mostly useless ideas.

Why does Donny Blaze seem familiar?

Donny Blaze is a name that can be related by rhymes to the MARVEL Knights “Ghost Rider” because the real name of Ghost Rider is Johnny Blaze who is also a performer but he only does stunts as we have already seen in the Ghost Rider Duology in 2007 & 2011.

The Ghost Rider Duology was produced by MARVEL as well and the fact that they are teasing Ghost Rider or Johnny Blaze, maybe he will make his debut in the series or the debut is about to come? Ghost Rider Duology starred Nicholas Cage and the movies were a Box-Office success with the critics giving mixed reviews.

There’s no news about that but MARVEL seems to be teasing us about that. There is some Project about Ghost Rider in progress but no information is available about that.



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