Web Series Like/Similar To Money Heist: Money Heist came into our lives in 2017, all thanks to Netflix which provided the series a global platform. And as they say that you cannot hide a talent for long. Money Heist burst into the success just after it’s the initial season with people liking the idea of the heist which is done with people and police knowing about it. The concept was loved by the audience and the sudden thrills and suspense were also welcomed by the viewers with plenty of shocks.

Now 4 seasons later the show is still ruling the number charts and also the hearts of the people. Although after every season we feel like we are missing the show most and what could we watch to fill that void ? That’s where you all search ” Shows similar to Money Heist ” or ” Shows like Money Heist “. Well, Today we are here to tell you about some shows which are similar to the hit Spanish Show.

Prison Break

I mean this has to be on the top of the list because one can clearly see the similarities between both the shows. The impossible escape? The whole planning thing? One mastermind? That’s correct folks, we are talking about Michael Scofield from Prison Break who is the OG in these situations. He frames himself for a crime so that he can go to a prison where his brother is wrongly held due to a high-end conspiracy for a crime he didn’t commit and is on a death row. Michael devises a carefully thought plan to break his brother out but meets with unusual allies in his journey.

Breaking Bad

Okay, you’ve heard of this show before and if you have not, well, clearly you’re lying. Breaking bad is the top tier show and perhaps the greatest show of all time. A high school chemistry teacher learns that he is diagnosed with cancer and has a short span of time to live. Instead of lamenting, he starts to produce drugs so that he can provide a suitable amount of money for his family that can take care of them after he is gone. What starts as a matchstick becomes a full-fledged forest fire. Plus there is ample twists and turns with brilliant acting by the cast to make your watching worthwhile.


This is a perfect watch for someone who is not looking to invest much time to understand the characters and easily gets bored after looking at the same cast for seasons, because this is an Anthology crime drama show meaning that every season has a different storyline and characters but a huge dark mystery. The show has received critical acclaim throughout it’s the span of three seasons mainly because of the cast and the storyline which is pinpoint in every season .


Looking for another Spanish show after the Money Heist or should I say La Casa De Papel? Well, Netflix has a good replacement for that. And since it’s a Netflix show it does revolve around teenagers. The story is around a rich private high school where enters three working-class students. Well of course they don’t start well enough with the already there silver spoon rich kids who think that they do not belong here. What starts off as a mere argument turns into a full-fledged rivalry. Things take an ugly turn when a murder happens. The show does have a few familiar faces from Money Heist.

Dirty Money

This is a Netflix original documentary-style crime show which focuses on the cases where money laundering was the main crime. The story ranges from various crimes such as stories of corporate corruption, securities fraud, and creative accounting. The show is also an Anthology drama where each episode is different and focuses on a true crime that took place.

Some Mentions in case you’ve seen these;

Ozark, Dexter, Peaky Blinders, The Sopranos, Narcos, Locked up

So this was all about the list of Web Series Like/Similar To Money Heist, if you have web series or show in the mind, please let us know in the comment box, for more posts like this on web and digital contents, stay tuned with us, You can also Join us on telegram.


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