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Weak Hero Class 1 K-Drama Ending Explained All Episodes

Weak Hero Class 1 K-Drama Ending Explained: Heroes are normal folk and it’s the challenging things along the way that defines what a hero is and that is what the new K-Drama “Weak Hero Class 1” brings to you.

It tells us the story of a student who doesn’t do anything other than study, keeps to himself, and always has his earphones on because he doesn’t want anyone to come to talk to him, and if that happens, that’ll get him flustered.

Taking on the theme of school bullying that has been explored quite a few times and sometimes in gory ways like The King Of Pigs, Weak Hero Class 1 shows you exactly that but then moves onto a completely different and meaningful scenario that everyone might have experienced.

The drama has been adapted from the webtoon “Weak Hero” created by Seo Pae Seu and Kim Jin Seok, It consists of 8 Episodes of around 45 minutes runtime each. Telling the story of Yeon Shi Eun who is a divorce child and the constant ignoring of his father during his childhood has turned him off when it comes to having relationships with anyone mostly, he keeps to himself and minds his own business which makes him an easy target for the bullies. Everything’s going smoothly until Yeon Shi Eun is bothered by Jeon Young Bin, a bully who gets jealous of him after Yeon Shi Eun comes first in a Maths competition and in the third position.

Yeon Shi Eun isn’t someone who backs down easily or is going to be pushed around and that starts a clash between these two but its Jeon Young Bin who keeps scratching and trying to come up with a way that’ll ruin Yeon Shi Eun in any way until he comes up with dosing him with fentanyl making him dizzy throughout the mock exams which causes Yeon Shi Eun to erupt.

Along the way, Yeon Shi Eun befriends his classmates, Oh Beom Seok and Ahn Soo Ho, and the trio becomes close after they face off with a criminal who has ties with a gangster and is making young people get addicted to a sketchy website that runs and then lending them money which they can’t return later so they have to do illegal things for him.

The trio is able to fight against them and that makes them close but the arrival of Young Yi makes Oh Beom Seok feel left out. His feeling of not getting recognition as a friend and just being treated like a lackey followed by feeling ignored when Young Yi arrives in the group, he begins to turn sour and ultimately joins the group of bullies who treat him as a friend. Yeon Shi Eun tries to understand what Beom Seok is going through and Ahn Soo Ho overhears him badmouthing him.

The other two do not know what the situation is for Beom Seok at home since he’s the adopted son of an assemblyman who just took him in for the public and doesn’t have any love for him. We’re also shown how badly he gets beaten by his father, the assemblyman.

The rift between the two friends causes them to drift apart with nothing other than hate, more for Beom Seok who is hell-bent on getting back to Ahn Soo Ho for the mistreatment and hires a guy who fights and shoots those videos for his YouTube channel.

Book Seok’s eagerness to get back to Ahn Soo Ho gets him to use Young Yi as bait but Yeon Shi Eun turns out there and gets beaten up pretty bad that he was admitted into the hospital which Ahn Soo Ho finds out after all their tries to not let this out and stop Ahn Soo Ho from acting out violently towards Beom Seok and that’s what happens.

Ahn Soo Ho asks for an apology after apologizing for his mistreatment in any way but then Beom Seok doesn’t reciprocate and that makes Ahn Soo Ho start a fight which leaves him near death.

The last Episode turns out to be the craziest in which we see Ahn Soo Ho in the hospital on a ventilator and Yeon Shi Eun is seen crying in the hospital he goes to find all the people who were involved in that situation which left Ahn Soo Ho like that until he reaches Beom Seok and the duo exchanges some deep words but still Yeon Shi Eun isn’t able to hit him and leaves just like that.

The Season ends with Beom Seok going abroad after his father is tired of the troubles, he starts to Ahn Hoo So in the hospital and Young Yi leaving after Beom Seok confronts her that she’s the reason for everything and before her arrival, they were very close. And Yeon Shi Eun, has to transfer after his fiasco in the school but the assemblyman makes sure that he isn’t accepted by any school.

He is accepted by one but that school is full of bullies and it doesn’t seem like there’s any discipline there. We see the same thing happening there when one bully comes over to Yeon Shi Eun to bully him and we see the very same expression that he gave to Jeon Young Bin with his pen.




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