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Big Mouth Korean Drama Episode 1 Recap, Full Story & Ending Explained

Big Mouth Korean Drama Episode 1 Recap: MBC Drama “Big Mouth” that aired recently on Disney Hotstar is creating waves for multiple reasons. Being lauded for its unique and thrilling storyline with a great cast to an amazing soundtrack, Big Mouth checks all the right boxes. Big Mouth is based on a lawyer who while prosecuting a murder case turns into a notorious and genius con artist in order to fight against a huge conspiracy and survive.

The Drama stars Lee Jong-suk as Par Chang Ho and Yoona as Ko Mi Ho playing the lead’s wife and other talents. The drama is quite special for fans because the Male Lead Lee Jong-suk chooses his projects carefully and it’s his return some time since his last appearance in 2019 with Romance is a Bonus Book.

The Drama starts off with a scamming case where Chang Ho is persecuted also being one of the victims of that scam, he loses the case after bribing the judge with a lot of money only to see the judge being replaced during the trial. After losing the trial, he’s beaten up by the other victims.

We get to know his nickname which is also the title of the drama “Big Mouth” which means that he just talks a big game but doesn’t possess the skills to do so. After getting hired by the Mayor of the city to investigate the murder and also play a double agent, Chang Ho realizes that he can either play goody two shoes or just go to the suspect and ask him to pay him money in exchange for the evidence after his house is raided for the money he borrowed from the loan sharks.

The Episode ended with an accident after he’s drugged with a drink when leaving the restaurant and he meets with an accident but does not die and then we get to know some sort of the change in Chang Ho meaning he’s become someone else entirely. We’re yet to know what he’s become but we’ll get to know that in the upcoming episodes.

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