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Virata Parvam USA Review Live Updates: Rana Daggubati and Sai Pallavi’s romantic Drama Virata Parvam is all set for release today in the USA and from 17th June 2022 in India, the film has good Buzz in the Indian market, as there is no competitor in the Telugu belts, we hope that the film will do good in the Indian market, The overseas reports for the film are also good, here goes the updates and reviews regarding the USA Premiere.

The makers have arranged a Pre-release show at 7 PM IST and that is going on right now, the USA Premiere of the film will happen around 4 AM IST, we will give you the live updates from the USA Premiere too, meanwhile, we are going to give the live updates and some of the highlights of Indian Premieres.

USA Premiere begins at 4 AM and India Pre Release Show for Media is going to happen around 7:20 PM, here are the live updates about the film from the sources on Social Media and other handles.

10:20 – Things are Getting intense and Emotional, The film ends with shocking climax

9:45 – Things went upside down, Major Change in the story, Movie is heading towards climax.

9:30 – Veenela Joined the Naxals Gangs, The film is more about the Naxals Now, Entry Of Priyamani.

9:15 – Veenela Arrested by Police


Strong and Good So Far

9:00 PM – Fight sequence On, Cops on one side, Veenela and Ranvan on another side. Great BGM, Brilliant Pre Interval Block, Story getting better now.

8:30 – Good Entry Sequence for each and every character, The Struggle for Love Begins, Veenela Wants To Meet Ravana

8:00 Pm – Brilliant Entry For Rana, as Ravana, Kolukolamma in Play. Chemistry Is AAmazing, Sai Pallavi looks Great

7:30 PM – Intro Sequence For Sai Pallavi Is Decent, She Is In Love With ideologies of Ravana (Played By Rana)

Source – Internet

The film and the lead actress Sai Pallavi are already in controversy after her remarks about the ‘Kashmiri Pandits; hope this statement of her doesn’t impact the business of the film.

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