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The Playlist Ending Explained – Daniel Ek & Spotify Future? | Netflix

The Playlist Ending Explained | Netflix: The current start-up culture that has boomed into an ensemble of ideas and billion-dollar start-ups, the stories of how they began and the ideologies of their founders is something that is not just mere inspiration but the highs and lows of what was, what is and what can it be and Netflix has brought to us the story of “Spotify” in a fictionalized series of 6 Episodes that have the average runtime of 50 minutes each.

The Mini-Series in each Episode tells the different perspectives of different people ranging from the Founder Daniel Ek, Industry rule-makers, legal aspects, rhythmic partners, overlooked artists and free-will coders and it delivers what we usually expect from the real-life stories of big tech start-ups. The screenplay has been done brilliantly and each Episode leaves you with a feeling of wanting more and you don’t realize when you finish it (at least it happened with me).

Each perspective shown in the Episodes has a unique property about it, ranging from the ideology and the reality of what there is and what they’ve envisioned something that completely inspires you when you see the world from each perspective.

The Playlist” is another addition to the long-ranging list of shows that are based on real-life tech start-ups and is definitely worth your time because it does not let you get bored for a minute.

The Ending of the series is interesting because towards the end of Episode 6, Daniel Ek faces a dilemma where he sees his childhood friend Bobby T stand against him with an outcry in Sweden over Spotify exploiting the artists and the wages it gives to the label companies and itself. Believing his firm belief in Spotify that streaming is the future, he is called to Congress in 2026 where he asked questions about Spotify’s monopoly in the market.

In the end, Daniel admits to Bobby T that he has but one regret that he should’ve listened to more people and he regrets the decisions made over Spotify in the negotiation room. In the end, the actor who is playing Daniel Ek tells Bobby T’s character that the future is about to change and stands up to film the scene reminding us that it is a fictionalized series and not reality.

The Playlist is streaming on Netflix in Swedish & English Language.


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