Netflix’s The Lost Patient Ending Explained: Memories can be a tricky thing, some are forceful and keep coming back and some just hide in n hard to access corner, deep in the subconscious. The new Netflix French Mystery Thriller Film titled “The Lost Patient” based on the eponymous comic by Timothé Le Boucher focuses on that.

It’s about a 19-year-old boy Thomas who wakes up after a 3-year-long coma just to find out that his entire family has been killed and he doesn’t remember a single thing about it. With the help of psychologist Anna Kieffer, he sets out to recollect his memories by attending sessions and hopes to find his sister, Laura who is still missing. Here’s the ending of the film.

The film starts off with a hooded person coming out of the house and the next day, a boy discovers the bodies of several people belonging to the Grimauds family. While Thomas is stabbed with a knife, his parents Betty & Marc along with Dylan, and his cousin are shot. About three years later after being in a coma, Thomas wakes up with no recollection of what happened and he starts attending sessions with psychologist Anna Kieffer to recollect what happened.

Then starts Thomas’s journey to unravel what happened and fragments of visions where he sees his sister Laura giving a gift to her mother Betty which she isn’t happy to receive. Thomas also sees his sister Laura going into the forest with a girl and starts kissing but later finds her hurting the girl as well and is then pushed away by the girl.

About the hooded figure, Thomas sees his visions as well but those are cryptic in nature. Thomas feels more unsettled as he finds himself nowhere close to finding her sister Laura. In his visions, we see that when Dylan shifts to the house, Laura isn’t comfortable with his presence and after Dylan complains about a barking dog, and in the next scene, we find the dog dead.

It is later revealed that his sister died before Thomas was even born and he didn’t have a good childhood, He was neglected by his family because they weren’t able to process the loss which led to Thomas being traumatized throughout his life which made him disturbed. It isn’t until the arrival of Dylan in the house that Thomas gets jealous and starts acting on his disturbing thoughts. He sees his mother Betty consoling and embracing Dylan after Dylan receives the news of her dying mother.

This becomes the fuel to the fire within Thomas and he decides to kill his family. The hooded figure we see at the beginning of the film is Thomas himself who walks out of the house but then after realizing what he’s done, comes back inside and stabs himself, and goes into a coma.



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