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Three Pines Episode 1 & 2 Recap Ending Explained: Does Inspector Gamache Solve The Murder?

Three Pines Episodes 1 & 2 Ending Explained:: “Three Pines” based on the Inspector Gamache series of novels has made its way to Amazon Prime Video with the first two Episodes out this week. The first two Episodes are titled White Out Part 1 & 2 respectively. Three Pines specifically tells the story of Inspector Gamache played by Alfred Molina who works as a Law Enforcement Officer in the Homicide Department in Montreal.

The first two episodes give us a deep dive into who Inspector Gamache is and his philosophy toward his work. He’s a great police officer with a reputation that he becomes passionate about the cases he works with and his compassion.

Episode 1 Recap & Explained

He is someone who sees good in the worst of humanity and the opening of the first Episode shows us that there a protest going in support of the indigenous women where an officer assaults a woman and he goes to help her.

The Episode focuses on an indigenous woman going missing over the years focusing on one missing person “Blue Two Rivers” for the last year and 11 months there is no progress on her whereabouts and the police are not doing anything.

During the first two Episodes, this is the case that gets Inspector Gamache sent to work on another homicide during his holidays after his act of care pisses off his superior.

Inspector Gamache along with his colleagues reaches the town of Three Pines which is a small but very closely related place where everyone knows each other and someone named CC turns up dead by electrocution publicly during the curling match on Boxing Day. After categorizing this as murder, they find out that there are far too many elements involved from metal claw boots to Niacin in CC’s body in this publicly executed murder and this is the work of someone very skilled.

CC, on the other hand, wasn’t a lovable character all around the town, Her behavior towards the people was rude and to her own children, he seemed to not care about her and considers her a disappointment. Later, we get to know that CC was also troubled after we see her killing her own mother.

Inspector Gamache tries to interview everyone in the town and while everyone gave a statement that they hardly knew CC, Inspector Gamache deduces that the whole town hated her and maybe everyone could be in the murder.

After understanding the clues and re-creating the murder scene again, this felt like a perfect murder to Inspector Gamache and he starts to dig deeper into the names and find out more about CC and that’s how he finds his aunt, Emelie who tells him about CC’s mother and how horrible was she to her and how cruel CC was to her own daughter.

Inspector Gamache wanted to know more but Emelie wasn’t feeling too good so she asked to have the conversation the next morning and Inspector Gamache agrees.

The next day when Emelie doesn’t come, after going to her house Inspector Gamache finds a tape that Emelie had recorded in which she had confessed to the crime and how she killed CC. Unable to find her, he reaches out to Bea who works at “Be Calm” which turns out to be a pseudo-name for all the friends Bea tells him where Emelie is and he finds her in the middle of a blizzard laying in front of the graves of her husband and daughter. After Inspector Gamache is able to save Emelie, they find out that the case isn’t solved completely and the real killer is still out there and that’s when he cracks it.

The real killer comes out to be CC’s daughter Crie who was horrible to her to the point that she killed her. Crime confesses and surrenders and the case gets closed.

However, during this case, the missing of the “Blue Two Rivers” case isn’t going anywhere even after they were able to find her daughter’s picture from 2 months ago in New York.

The family of Blue isn’t accepting that she would leave her daughter and is still asking law enforcement to find her by going there and sitting overnight in front of the SQ. Sadly, at the end of the Episode, Blue’s mother who feels betrayed by the law enforcement goes up to the roof of SQ and jumps from there with Inspector Gamache trying to get her to stop.

We see Blue’s missing person poster getting covered in her mother’s blood and the Episode ends right there.

The first two Episodes of this strongly content and performance-driven drama are streaming on Amazon Prime right now.



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