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Scrooge A Christmas Carol Review: Was This Really Necessary? | Netflix

Netflix’s Scrooge A Christmas Carol Review: ‘Tis the time of the year, for holidays with a hot cup of cocoa under warm clothing and rejuvenating the Christmas spirit with movies. There is no time like this to see hopeful and optimistic Christmas Movies and probably, too many come which can make us feel overwhelmed.

But if there’s something about a Christmas Movie is that you cannot go wrong with the classics and the recently released Netflix Musical Film “Scrooge: A Christmas Carol” hits all too close to home re-telling the Charles Dickens classic.

It Starring Luke Evans, Olivia Coleman, Jonathan Pryce, Johnny Flynn, Jessie Buckley, James Cosmo, and other talents. Looking at the cast, one can assume that Netflix didn’t stop hiring a great cast but is the film really worth it? Well, it is not something original and the characters along with the plot are all too familiar to the world so much so that “Scrooge” itself is a synonym for a “wealthy miser” so you understand the importance and relevance of the novel in this world, right?

The main question arises is, was this really necessary? It does feel like Netflix is competing with Hallmark in producing Christmas Movies all too much but the quantity is not of importance here, Recently released productions of Netflix aren’t that good, however great the cast might be. Specifically looking at the re-telling which didn’t feel like it was needed and that too was animated.

The animation feels stiff and not up to the standards of a big studio like Netflix. There’s already too much content relating to Christmas and just a simple google search will give you the list of movies that were adapted from the Dicken’s classic which makes us question, was this one really necessary? In my opinion, nope.

If we set aside the “it wasn’t necessary” part of the film, it does leave a gaping hole for the audiences who are looking for something unique and fun to watch this Christmas with the family and this movie might not be it. Other than that, the film is a musical so we can expect some good songs but other than that, the film doesn’t offer that much.

Even if you’re looking for a good Christmas movie and want to watch the classics, this one doesn’t make the cut from a huge list of movies adapted from the Charles Dickens classic.

“Scrooge: A Christmas Carol” is currently streaming on Netflix.



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