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The Locksmith Movies Review

The Locksmith Movies Review: The Locksmith debuts on February 3rd, 2023, It tells the story of a thief who was released from prison after spending 10 years and is trying to win back the trust of his daughter and ex-fiancé. I just finished the film and here i am going to tell you about the Good and Bad of the film.

The director Nicolas Harvard has contributed to numerous TV episodes and films, although only as a second unit or assistant director. As a result, he totally fails in his debut as a filmmaker. He tried to tell a tale about a thief who had just been released from custody and was trying to win back the trust of his ex-fiancé and daughters, but due to certain circumstances, he had to return to becoming a thief once more. This tale is ideal for use as a thriller or action movie example.

But what we get is a predictable plot and poorly developed characters. I am talking about the numerous characters in this film who had the potential to shine but were underdeveloped. Frank, a character played by Ving Rhames, had a development that other characters did not. In the end, if they had included Frank’s funeral, that would have provided the best emotional arc for this film.

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Technically, the cinematography is the only aspect of the film that succeeds; examples include the entire walking scene when Miller is let out of prison.

There is not a single character, besides Frank, who you will connect with or even like. The worst character is April, Kevin’s sister, who was shot by a police officer in front of Miller. Miller believes that he owes April a debt as a result. And for that reason, he agrees to do the robbery one last time.

But in the end, it is all just April’s scheme to take revenge on Miller. Finally, she pulls her gun and threatens Miller, saying that Kevin would still be alive today if he had not asked him to be there that day. Miller then apologizes, and she drops the weapon. The audience and I are not able to understand April’s objectives.

You might like this one a little bit if you have not seen any of the crime mystery films and you don’t want to use your brain while watching movies. However, it might be best to skip this one if you have seen other criminal thriller movies.

Rating: 2/5



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