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Shyam Singha Roy Based On Real True Story ? Real Life Character

Shyam Singha Roy Based On Real True Story: So you are here it means you just finished watching the film Shaym Singha Roy on Netflix or you are in between that and you just watch to know the truth and reality behind the character of the Nani in the film. Those who are connected with us on telegram, we had already answered that there.

Now here we are going to tell you about the truth behind Nani’s character in the film, The film was directed by Rahul Sankrityan and the movie stars Nani in a dual role along with Sai Pallavi with Krithi Shetty and Madonna Sebastian. The film is now available to watch on Netflix.

Now coming to the actual question, Is Film is based on a True story or a Real Life Character? The answer is ‘NO’, the film is not based on any real-life character and it is purely fiction, the Character of Shyam Singha Roy has nothing do to with living or dead. During the recent interviews, the director of the film Rahul also confirmed the same that the film is pure work of fiction and there is no real-life person like Shyam Singha Roy.

Hope this will clear your doubt about the film, the film did well at the box office and it receives decent reviews from the critics as well, now the film is doing pretty good on Netflix too, and hopes it will be a blockbuster on OTT, the Hindi version of the film is yet to be released on OTT and there is no official news regarding that.

This was the little info regarding the Shyam Singha Roy Based On Real True Story, have you seen the film? What are your thoughts and reviews of the film, please let us know in the comment section?


    • Beautiful movie and looks like real story’ I like movie character and background location is best and Nani is good actor and character in this film

      • Really so quite movie this is like true bases story think so I can’t believe it is a complete fiction story any way super movie

    • Bahot Sundar film laga mujhe
      Aise lagta hai ki jaise original kahani ho dhongi logo ka parda faass kiya hai isme
      Aan baan Shan k liye Bhai ko bhi maar deta hai

  1. It’s a real story or not.
    Iam not understand, wt a story,pls tell me this is real story or not, director thinking???

  2. I saw the movie and it’s one of best movie i ever seen and the movie will be one of my best collection…i really appreciate to the character of #shyam singha Roy, and the character selection is perfect…

    Thanks to the shyam singha Roy team for this movie

    • Very nice n very good movie. One of the movie which must watch. The sequences described in film forced us to search really it is a true story or not.
      Perfect writing , dialogue, character, Actors shooting places n all the things are just perfect…..

  3. I usually watch movies in bits, can’t sit still for long. Well Shyam Singha Roy grabbed my attention & I actually watched it in ONE GO. I was convinced it was a true story. Feel good Movie with a Great, Good looking Cast. Truly enjoyed it.👑🥁🌎💥

  4. I came here immediately after watching the movie.while seeing the movie,I thought it might be a real story and when the movie was about to end,I thought to buy his books in Amazon.But when I visited Google,I came to know the sad truth that it’s just a fictional story nd characters as well…this movie is amazing and nani gave birth to the character…Someone with the name Shyam Singha Roy might not exist but a person with the same ideology might have existed…

  5. I am still unsure if this is a story based on a fictional character called Shyam Singha Roy or not. If it is fictional, then the story writer has strong imagination and I commend him for his creativity. Mr. Story-writer you definitely are something special!!! I wish you all good health to be able to write many such wonderful stories.

  6. the movie like real story it’s i can’t believe that this is not real story When I saw this movie till the end, I thought it was based on real story.

  7. Should be based on a real story. Only the story writer can open up.

    Anyway good movie, inspired to search for Shyam singha Roy in google and end up with 1939 Shanti Devi’s real reincarnation case.

    Awesome story, Nani lived up the character.

  8. I saw the movie and it’s one of best movie i ever seen and the movie will be one of my best collection…i really appreciate to the character of #shyam singha Roy, and the character selection is perfect
    I Love Nani movies

  9. nani i am a big fan i saw all movie of you. i loved shyam singha roy ooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  10. Excellent movie . Many good Stories become victim of poor treatment on screen. All the crew deserve compliments for handling the difficult scenes in a professional way , especially the court proceedings which are often highly dramatised in Bollywood movies.The scenes with medical or psychological elements are also dealt logically.

  11. Yes it is a real life story. Believe it or not I don’t care but…..

    This one of the best movie which I have watched after a very long time and I believe in rebirth too…..

    Beautiful! Presentation, acting, choreography, sets, costumes…. impeccable.

    As I am being born & brought up from bengal I was curious about the film just by looking at the name.

    It has left me mesmerised.

    The romance was heart touching.

    The actors were brilliant & they brought the characters to life.

    This movie was like a dream.
    It’s must watch movie…..

  12. Bahut hi achhi movie hai.our es movie ke throw hm apna future ko our v bright bna skte h our smaaj ko sudhar skte h agr yesi soch rkkhe sb.blockbuster movie lgi mujhe sukriya 💓💓

  13. It was really nice movie and i found it was displayed as a realistic story and making me to search and find out more of the story actual character and now found out as fiction. A big applouse for the story writer and director and Nani, Sri Pallavi, Krithi and the rest of the crew acted very super cool … love the songs and dance by Sri Pallavi

  14. A brief comment on the movie is that it is excellent.
    Though it is clarified that it is not based on any real life story, the film gives us an impression that it is real. The credit goes to the writer, Director and the actors & actresses, especially, Nani, Sai Pallavi and Krithi Shetty.
    We wish that the film gets due recognition and fame by bagging many Awards.

  15. The story is very good …..after i watching that ,i Though like it’s be a real story of saimsingario ….after that i search in google ….it’s may not …but I say that if it is true life style is so wonderful of this world…but ask something that in film that Cort having Gandhi and having another pic it’s femail it’s is true are it’s also fiction ….Any way the film is fantastic awesome movie …. ❤️❤️(My name is Harsha …. instragram I’d @harsha rider77 …profile like lifting the camara on wite shirt..).

  16. This movie is heart touching and unbelievable imagination movie writer is very very good thinking I am proud my country l hope my country big achievement and all are people thought big and love every person

  17. Nice Movie and Beautiful script Nani sir and Sai Pallavi is too good…… South Film industry director’s/ writer’s……I Love you…🙏🙏🙏

  18. Oh My God, Maine Toh Shyam Singha Roy Film ki Kahani ko Saccha Kahani maan baitha.
    Par Yaha Aa ke Doubt Clear hua.
    Such a amazing film.


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