Paula ‘Deep Fake Love’ Netflix: The show involves 5 pairs of couples who’ll see their partners cheating. They’re creating fake clips of everyone with the help of Deep fake technology, because of AI we’re going to see this show.

The couples have to give sensible and correct answers in order to win the amount of 100,000 Euros, the format of this show is very unique, this is streaming now on Netflix with 8 Episodes we’re telling you about every participant of this show.

Now Talking About the Contestant Paula

In the journey of 9 years, Paula forgave Javi many times, and Javi also realized that he was not able to live without Paula, Paula told that Javi lied to her. Many times then also they were together for a very long time, They came together to see changes in Javi. Paula is hoping to be good for their relationship.

Her Instagram I’d Is @pauladimartino



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