Oppenheimer And Einstein: Oppenheimer is an autobiography of Genius physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, who worked on the Manhattan Project and also he created the first Nuclear Bomb.

In the movie, we saw that He have a good relationship with theoretical physicist Albert Einstein. But their friendship bond does not last longer due to several reasons. At the start of the movie we saw Einstein left after talking to him for a while, but the movie doesn’t make it clear what they talked about. In this article, we are going to discuss their bonding and it started to begin to collapse.

The world two most famous scientists lived very close to each other. In the movie, we saw the lakeside meeting between them which ended up with nothing. Albert Einstein was always against war. When he heard that a few German scientists are working on splitting a uranium atom he warned that Nazis are thinking to create a superweapon.

He also wasn’t actively involved in the ” Manhattan Project” but knew that Robert Oppenheimer is on that project. But, Oppenheimer got betrayed by a businessman named Lewis Strauss. So, he went to Old Manor for living there & Einstein was his neighbor.

While Oppenheimer stated Quantum physics as a modern theoretical physics, Einstein started to disagree with that. In 1954 when Oppenheimer alleged communist sympathies by Government security, Einstein was unhappy with that. Einstein always told him to avoid these political issues but Oppenheimer choose to serve his country and ignored his advice. So, after this, the security clearance of Robert Oppenheimer was revoked.

After hearing the ” American Prometheus” Einstein addressed Oppenheimer with a smile that, the man who served his whole life for his country does not get back love in return.

This is how Albert Einstein alert Oppenheimer that sometimes it’s better to stay away from all political aspects. But, their conversation ended when Oppenheimer choose to serve his country and ended his whole life on it.

In 1955 at the age of 76, the genius scientist Albert Einstein died & Oppenheimer died in 1967.



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